The terms “Hollywood” and “marriage” don’t always work well together. In fact, when star couples usually get divorced, fans are often not so surprised.

These days, there are as many celebrity divorces as there are movies and TV shows. However, things have gone a little different for Tom Selleck.

Selleck Speaks Up

The iconic Magnum P.I. star has recently opened up on his marriage with actress and dancer Jillie Joan Mack. But was it a happy ending for the couple? Tom Selleck has details to share…

Bumpy Ride

There is no denying that Selleck, like so many other celebrities, has seen some big twists and turns in the love department. In 1971, he got married to model Jacqueline Ray.

However, despite the joy of adopting a son together, this couldn’t keep the spark going in their relationship. Selleck and Ray finalized their divorce in 1982. He even starred in a film called Divorce Wars: A Love Story, which allowed the actor to pour his heart into the role.

Major Setbacks

There is no denying that Selleck’s rise to fame and fortune through his breakthrough role in Magnum P.I. must’ve have taken its toll on his personal life. Fluctuating between his set, promotional tours, interviews and celebrity parties was bound to put a strain on his relationship with Ray.

It wasn’t just his love life that the show had an impact on. The producers forced Selleck to pass on roles such as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.