He made an album (and a video) with Olivia Newton-John

In 2012, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John provided the Grease reunion that everyone who has ever sang “You’re the One That I Want” at karaoke had been wishing for. The duo teamed up for a holiday album called This Christmas. Alas, some critics were not kind. Amanda Ash of the Edmonton Journal said that to call the project “a train wreck would be an understatement.”

If this thing was for the fans, they apparently didn’t want it either — in its first Christmas season, This Christmas sold only about 36,000 copies. It’s possible that people were turned off by the album cover art and the promotional music video for the song “I Think You Might Like It.” Newton-John and Travolta no longer looked the way they did in their ’70s heyday. For some reason, they more closely resembled wax statue versions of themselves.

He approached a stranger in the gym in the middle of the night


Places like Planet Fitness may be open 24 hours a day, but they’re pretty much empty at 3 a.m., except for the occasional well-known Hollywood movie star.

In January 2015, an Ocala, Fla. man named Justin Jones finished up a late shift at work and hit the local Planet Fitness for a workout. That’s when Travolta—the John Travolta—walked up and started a conversation. Jones told ABC News that he introduced himself with a simple, “Hi, I’m John.” Then they talked for about 15 minutes, which included Jones telling Travolta that he was a fan of Welcome Back, Kotter.

“He seemed very flattered by that,” Jones said. “He asked a lot of questions about if I was married and if I had kids. The time just flew by.”

Introducing Adele Dazeem

It was the most famous mistake in Academy Awards history (until that time when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway accidentally awarded La La Land the best picture trophy intended for Moonlight.) In 2014, Travolta was a presenter at the Oscars, and his only job was to introduce Idina Menzel’s performance of “Let it Go” from Frozen.

The bit went just fine at first—Travolta said the song was “gorgeously empowering” and that its singer was “wickedly talented.” He was almost done at that point; all he had to do was say “Idina Menzel.”

Instead, Travolta introduced “the one and only Adele Dazeem.” (One and only, indeed.) Travolta later blamed his flub on a misread of a phonetic spelling of “Idina Menzel” given to him at the last minute and on running into the “sexy, charismatic, beautiful” Goldie Hawn backstage just before he took the stage.