Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson has never been one to seek attention…Oh wait, who are we kidding? That is about as believable as any guy that said he used to watch Baywatch because of the storyline! Since she appeared in that television series, Anderson has not exactly done too much has she? Probably because the only talent she has is packed into her bra.

In fact, she only seems to be good at doing three things, taking her clothes off, getting married and then divorced – rinse and repeat! Here she is at one of her many weddings (she has even been married to the same man twice!), not in a wedding dress but a wedding bikini instead. Well they do say that if you got it flaunt it but in her case the phrase should be “If you bought ’em, flaunt ’em!”.

Katie Price


The UK has their very own version of Pamela Anderson too you know! In fact, the similarities are absolutely incredible. Surgically enhanced breasts – check! Naughty leaked home movie doing the rounds on the internet – check! Regularly take your clothes off in front of the camera – check! Get married and divorced so many times that people lose count – check!

Katie Price is a glamour model that is famous for being famous and not because of having any talent whatsoever. Apart from appearing on a few reality shows and taking her kit off for anyone that will give her money – she has done nothing. Judging from this wedding dress, she can also be accused of lacking talent in the fashion department too. The huge dress is well known for being one of the worst celebrity dresses of all time – what was she trying to achieve? She could fit a car underneath that thing!

Celine Dion


Finally, we finally have a worthwhile celebrity to talk about – was getting a bit tired of all those plastic boobed attention seekers! Celine Dion actually has a talent, would you believe it? For such a petite woman she has a voice that would blow you out of the window if you were not holding onto something tightly. She is not your flash in the pan pop star either as she has had a long and distinguished career the world over.

Unfortunately, her talents do not seem to stretch to selecting the right wedding dress though. That thing on her head looks mightily heavy which is probably the reason why she cannot seem to crack a smile on her wedding day. As for the husband – who knows why he looks pretty miserable, perhaps it is because if you turned his head upside down he would look exactly like her in this photo.

Emma Thompson


Who doesn’t love Emma Thompson? She is a fantastic actress that has found fame on both sides of the Atlantic, is extremely funny, and is the sort of person you could imagine sharing a drink or two with. The British actress and comedian has graced our screens in many movies throughout her career and will probably grace them for many more years to come as well.

As for her wedding dress though, this was one piece of comedy that she surely did not intend? I mean, being a bit different and unique for your wedding is fine but I am not sure what she was thinking by agreeing to wear this! She looks like she is auditioning for a part in a remake of ‘The Sound of Music’ or something – you could just imagine her singing away on the Alps.

Lady Mary Charteris


Lady Mary Charteris has been making headlines in the UK the past year or so and it is understandable as to why. She has royal blood, is an IT girl and model, has loads of celebrity friends, and now has herself a rock star husband. It is fair to say that each of those ingredients combined make her quite a target for the media and she certainly does love the attention!

Aren’t models supposed to have fantastic fashion sense? If so it is definitely not the case here! She might have aristocratic parents but it seems that she wanted to go for a bit more of a rock and roll look for her wedding (understandable as her hubby is a rock star). The problem is that royalty and rock and roll does not really mix to well and she just came off looking odd.

Luisana Lopilato


Luisana Lopilato certainly has her talents…and no I am not just talking about her obvious sexiness! She is an actress, singer, and is also a very successful model. She has had a lot of luck in her charmed life and the most noticeable slice of that luck would have been winning the heart of a certain Michael Bubble. I am pretty sure that female hearts across the world were shattered the day these two tied the knot.

The dress that she chose to wear at their wedding however, did not receive great reviews at all. The top half of it is great, showing off her ample cleavage but the bottom half with all those flounces – nothing but a disaster. She will probably be looking at her wedding album down the years and growing in regret of this dress more and more each time.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity that has certainly been around the block (Jenny from the block?) a few times with regards to getting hitched and divorced. It is understandable that she is a very desirable woman that many men on this planet would not say no to but it seems that she is unable to make a relationship last more than ten years at the most.

The wedding above was her second where she got married to Chris Judd and it only lasted two years before they got a divorce from each other. The dress she is wearing is far from the worst that you will see on the list but where the others are at least eye-catching – this one just looks boring! She could have made a bit more effort especially with the jaw-dropping body that she has.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Great news! We have finally found someone that has only been married once and has never been divorced! Americas sweetheart Sarah Jessica Parker and Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) himself got married back in 1997 and almost twenty years later they are still together and in love. it is a shame that they are pretty much the only ones on this list that can say that.

Still, none of that is enough to excuse the black dress that Jessica Parker wore for that wedding but many might claim that it seems to have brought them luck. Being a bit different is fine but there are certain wedding dress rules that should never be broken – and one of them is wearing black. What next? Will she be seen wearing white at a funeral?

Helen Worth


Helen Worth is quite a big deal in the UK, the television actress has been a part of one of the most popular and longest running television soap operas called ‘Coronation Street’ is a household name. She was honored with an Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Soap Opera awards a few years ago and is still going strong after a solid 40 years playing the role of Gail.

here she is getting married for the second time back in 2013 and she really should be considering getting a hit taken out on whoever persuaded her to wear this dress. Okay, if you are going to where a wedding dress that is not white, why would you choose grey? It just makes no sense at all, she would have looked better in just about any other color going!

Princess Diana


Has there ever been a Princess that is more famous and loved than that of how Princess Diana was? Highly doubtful as she was beautiful, elegant, down to earth, and very humble at the same time. Not quite sure what she ever saw in Prince Charles though! Diana was an amazing woman and person that is still very much missed today…everybody remembers where they were when they learned of her tragic death!

As much as she is loved however, there can be no excuses for that dress she wore on her wedding day. It is just too over the top and there surely could have been better uses for the ton of fabric that was used. That dress took too much of the attention away from a naturally beautiful woman on one of the biggest days in her life.

Tina Turner


Tina Turner is an absolute legend in the music scene as most of you will already know and while she endured a very uncomfortable first marriage to Ike Turner in the 60’s and 70s, she has now finally found true love again and got married three years ago at the age of 73. She definitely deserves happiness after bringing us so many wonderful hits in her musical career.

One thing she obviously has not learned in her long life is that of fashion sense though. That wedding dress really has to be one of the very worst on this list. The color, the design…just everything looks a complete mess! Black and gold? What about that hairstyle too? Sorry Tina but you really should make sure you stay with this man as we would not be able to bare you making another wedding dress howler again in the future.

Mandy Smith


Mandy Smith is another Brit to make this list…which leaves us wondering whether anyone in Britain has any fashion sense? The former model and singer is seen here getting married to her very own Rolling Stone in Bill Wyman – a marriage that lasted a magnificent four years before they got a divorce from each other. She was just 19 (he was 53) when she married him and was only 13 when she initially started dating him – whoa!

Even though this wedding was back in the late 80’s, but that dress is just too much. Do you think her bunch of flowers is big enough? Talking of size – what is that mess on her head? Getting past her awful dress is one thing but they just look like an odd couple all around. Let’s face it though…they were an odd couple! She obviously married for money while he married in order to keep feeling young.

Sarah Ferguson


Here we are with another woman that was lucky enough to marry a Prince and not live happily ever after. It seems that the royals have trouble with making relationships last just as much as celebrities do. This marriage was always destined to fail and it sure did in big style just ten years later. Perhaps the fiery redhead was just a little too fiery for Prince Andrew!

While Princess Diana’s dress was well over the top – this one went int he complete opposite direction. The biggest goof however, has to be those stupid shoulder pads that were ever so popular back in the 1980’s. We all look back at fashion we wore in that decade and cringe but at least most of us did not use the latest fashion trends of that decade at our weddings!

Anthea Turner


We have pretty much seen it all on this list but Anthea Turner, the popular British television personality is about to take the biscuit in many respects. She might be well respected and has enjoyed a long and fruitful television career but she is just as capable of a fashion disaster as anyone else.

So we have seen some of the worst wedding dresses imaginable so far on this list but most of them are nothing compared to this get-up! What the hell was she thinking by wearing tights and bringing a handbag – who brings a handbag to a wedding? What is the point? Then do not get me started on those colorful flowers in her hair that contrast badly with her outfit!

Katie Price (Again!)


Katie Price was one of the first featured on this list and she is now the last to feature – the only woman on this list twice! The British glamour model always does her very best to garner attention and seems happy to use her wedding days to do so as well. Don’t ask how many times she has been married – I lost count years ago and do not have enough fingers to work it out!

Her first wedding dress obviously showcased her chest area but this time she went even further and decided to add her legs into the showpiece as well. I don’t want to use too many bad words to describe what she looks like here but to give you a hint she looks like a word that rhymes with ‘hut’. The sooner she she is out of the media glare the better in my opinion.