Real beauty is timeless — you’ve heard that before, right? The truth is, no matter how beautiful we are, we all age. But every once in a while, someone appears who embodies beauty far into older age- and some women set a new benchmark for beauty standards. It’s not always a question of make-up, as sometimes a beautiful woman just stays stunning her entire life. The following women will take your breath away.

Susan Sarandon, 69


Susan Sarandon, at age 69, was recently announced as the beauty ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. Having always taken the concept of aging in stride and with grace, Sarandon looks as stunning today as she did 30 years ago, with the brilliant radiance of her face still capable of stopping someone cold in their tracks.

Christie Brinkley, 62

Christie Brinkley could pass for a 30-something. She looks vibrant and young, and although she’s not opposed to plastic surgery, it hasn’t come under consideration so far. While Brinkley seems to have discovered the fountain of youth, her upbeat attitude has certainly contributed to her graceful aging; you can find her dancing during photo shoots and having a blast wherever she goes.

Iris Apfel, 94

It’s hard to believe that a 94-year-old woman could still be this sassy, but Iris Apfel manages with great panache. She became the face of fitness when she posed for a heath tracker brand, the Wisewear. Known for her trademark jewelry choices and bold eye gear, Apfel definitely knows what’s what when it comes to fashion. She hasn’t let age get her down and has been known to say, “I think you can be attractive at any age.” She’s definitely proving that to be true!