Can someone please get Melania out of there? Since the moment Donald Trump was sworn into office, the first lady seems to have maintained her constant frown just about as well as her fierce sense of style. From dodging her husband’s hand-holding advances to sequestering herself in her gold-encrusted NYC penthouse long after he moved to Washington, it’s unclear if this first couple actually like each other at all.

Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage is a stark contrast to Barack and Michelle Obama’s White House love-fest. It’s not hard to argue that the POTUS showed more affection to French President Emmanuel Macron than his own wife (in his defense, at least Macron kissed him back.) Part of this undeniable tension could be that Melania didn’t really know what she was getting into (something she admitted in a 2016 GQ interview) or maybe it’s the alleged porn star hush money and the creepy comments Trump lobs at his own daughter. Either way, it’s awkward as heck.

At the very heart of it, the infamous couple seems like polar opposites: she’s private, dignified, and reserved, while he’s the kind of guy that boasts about groping women and antagonizes foreign dictators on social media. That’s not to say opposites don’t attract, especially when millions of dollars can help dull even the worst qualities in a person. But is it enough?

Here’s a run-down of Donald and Melania Trump’s most cringe-worthy moments. Just when you think things can’t get weirder, they do.

Melania looked less than thrilled on Inauguration Day

Melania’s support of her husband’s new career path has been subject to tons of speculation. In the scathing White House tell-all Fire & Fury, author Michael Wolff writes that Melania cried “tears — and not of joy” after finding out about her husband’s unexpected win.

This is something that was vehemently denied by Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s communications director. She swore Melania encouraged Trump to run in the first place and was “very happy” with the election’s outcome. Strangely enough, during the actual inauguration, Mrs. Trump looked anything but.

Melania’s morose expression was so obvious that the internet rushed to her aid with the hashtag #FreeMelania (shocker: the general population likes the first lady a whole lot more than her husband). In the clip that launched a thousand divorce rumors, FLOTUS grinned at POTUS only to immediately frown the moment he turned back around.

Even so, it’s difficult to be hard on Melania for the awkward exchange. There could be a few reasons why she scowled. Maybe she was bored out of her mind (only a small handful of people bothered to show up that day.) Maybe she was reeling from the fact that Barron totally snubbed her high-five. Maybe she cut down on carbs to maintain her model figure and felt a little hangry (how many carbs are in a dozen Diet Cokes?) Melania loves her husband very much and was thrilled to be there, okay?

Their Inauguration Day dance was beyond awkward

Melania Trump spent the better portion of the inauguration staring into a meaningless abyss of self-doubt (or at least it looked that way to us.) By this point in the night, Donald Trump had already ditched her to greet the Obamas. She had to suffer through an awkward greeting with Michelle, who seemed less than thrilled about her gift from Tiffany’s, and her own son left her hanging on a high-five (are you even a mom if your tween kid doesn’t snub you?) Our sympathies to the first lady, especially considering how things went after “The Donald” was sworn in.

During the first dance, the newly inaugurated POTUS appears noticeably stiff while Melania looks straight-up miserable. He’s pulling her in at the waist and she’s leaning back like a house cat who’s totally over being pet. According to a body language expert who spoke to the Mic, that analogy may not be too far off. “Melania is an object to [Trump],” said Susan Constantine. “I don’t see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever.”

To the Trumps’ credit, it may have just been difficult to groove romantically along to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” in front of the world. Why does the first couple have to know how to dance, anyway?