Believe it or not, celebrities are extremely busy people.  It takes a lot of work to keep their stars shining.  With little free time, it’s convenient to date or marry the people they meet on set.  These types of relationships almost always start out hot and fade out just as fast.  The following list of celebs are some of the most famous stars who broke up after working together on set.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield 

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield , Breakup

Emma and Andrew had a bit of a tumultuous relationship during their 4 years together.   They became lovebirds when they costarred in The Amazing Spider-Man.  The series is the newest installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

Before making a clean break, the couple took a short break in 2015.  It was rumored that they had been arguing a lot.  Another factor was the filming of Martin Scorsese’s new movie, Silence, taking up all of Garfield’s time.

After the brief break, they were once again seen together holding hands and enjoying a stack of flapjacks.  Stone was questioned by the Wall Street Journal about the break and made it clear that she had no desire to speak about the couple’s relationship.

Not long after, they announced that their break up was final.  They remain friends and still obviously have feelings for each other, but the relationship was not meant to go the distance.