Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is only 26 and yet has amassed a 300 million dollar fortune.

She is without a doubt one of the biggest success stories to arrive from Nashville in a very long time.

Say what you want about her pouty face these days, but she sure looks a lot better as an adult – who would have imagined the girl in the photos would become a cultural icon.

Drake Bell

Drake Bell is one freaking good-looking actor though he wasn’t that cute when he was a baby.

He was on the heavier side during his childhood years but he kinda did the effort to lose those extra pounds and look extra cute!

Scarlett Johansson

Okay, it’s a fact that Scarlett wasn’t an ugly baby but she wasn’t also that cute. Looking at her baby photo, you wouldn’t know for sure that she was going to be the future Scarlett Johansson with the perfect hourglass figure. At least not in that white onesies she is wearing when she was still a baby.