It’s hard to pinpoint which unknown actors today will become international superstars tomorrow, but it gets a little easier to predict which current stars might fall off the map. Whether it’s a household name struggling to land the next big hit or an iconic star tarnished by controversy, here’s a list of actors Hollywood likely won’t cast in 2018.

Kevin Spacey

After an onslaught of sexual assault allegations from more than a dozen accusers, it appears Kevin Spacey’s career is over for the foreseeable future.

The Oscar-winning actor’s unprecedented fall from grace has left Netflix scrambling to secure the future of House of Cards and the more than 2,000 jobs the hit show creates. Although producers tell CNN that it’s “unlikely” the political drama will be canceled, the “show’s writers are facing a ticking clock as they scrap a Season 6 plan eight months in the making and find a new direction for the show’s final season.”

On the movie front, Spacey was completely cut out of Ridley Scott’s All The Money in the World ahead of its December 2017 release and replaced by actor Christopher Plummer, reported Deadline.

None of this bodes well for Spacey’s future in show biz. “He’s a phenomenal actor, but he’s not a very good person,” fellow actor Bryan Cranston told BBC Newsbeat. “His career now I think is over.”

Shailene Woodley

On the strength of her breakout role in 2011’s The Descendants, Shailene Woodley became Hollywood’s new “it” girl. While her starring turn in the movie adaptation of The Fault in our Stars proved to be a box office and critical success, her starring turn in the Divergent series ended in disaster.

Envisioned by Lionsgate as a tent-pole franchise for young adults in the vein of The Hunger Games, the last installment, Allegiant, bombed spectacularly in 2016. Her follow-up, Oliver Stone’s Snowden (2016), also failed to recoup its production budget and was met with mixed reviews.

Woodley seemed to find her footing in 2017 as part of the ensemble cast of HBO’s critically acclaimed mini-series Big Little Lies, so let’s hope her talents will grace the big screen again soon–but 2018 may still be too soon.