Celebrities have a much easier path to staying good looking well into their later years, think of Mr Clooney, the amazing Ms Jolie/Pitt and many more. Sadly for the celebrities in this list, age did not treat them well.

65. Demi Moore


Ever since she exploded onto the acting scene with the hit movie Ghost (alongside Patrick Swazye who unfortunately died of cancer in 2012), Demi Moore’s career took off in the early 90s through to the mid 2000’s. By 1995 she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

As you can see from the unfortunate picture, Demi has lost a lot of her beautiful looks but does seem more level headed than some of the other female actresses in this list. Demi is actually still active as a movie star and has a new movie coming out in 2018 called “Love Sonia”, due for release in March 2018. As you will see again and again on this list, actresses tend to lose work as they get older so it’s good to see Miss Moore is still active in the industry.

She’s not quite the force she once was though, so it seems that Demi Moore’s star power has been lost for the rest of her days. Age eventually gets to us all.

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