We all thought that TV was innocent and child friendly, but did you know that big companies are using the TV to push subliminal messages into your head?! Here are some examples:

James Vicary.


Back in the late 1950s, the owner of a movie theatre, James Vicary, first tested subliminal projection by showing messages such as Hungry? Eat Popcorn. for just a split second. This isnt long enough for the viewer to actually read the messages, but it is for the brain to pick it up subconsciously.

Coca Cola


In this advert, it can be seen that there is a provocative outline of a woman in the ice on top of a coke can. Could this be to make it more appealing to the older generation?



This advert can be seen innocently enough, however it can also be seen as something highly racist. To a keen eye, it can be seen as a large amount of black men working for a white man. It can be assumed that it is a reference to slavery and superiority.

Coca Cola (again)


It is thought that during a very famous scene in Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, the words coca cola have been engraved into the one ring in Elvish lettering. However, after this conspiracy was looked into further, it turned out to be a hoax. Still, I bet it fooled you for a minute.



In a popular poster for The Lion King, a semi-naked lady can be seen on Mufasas face.

Benson and Hedges


This advert for cigarettes seems innocent enough (well, its still selling cigarettes), but, if you look VERY closely, there is a hidden falace (supposedly) in the picture.



This advert is supposedly trying to promote their product, but is it actually trying to promote masculinity?



During an advert, there is a dollar bill that can be seen in the lettuce of the burger. Below is the video of the actual advert (can be seen around 26 seconds in).



This advert for beer seems normal enough, but, if you flip the image, does it show that sex sells alcohol?

Burger King


Do we have to explain this one? This very suggestive ad could be seen as rude and dirty by many.



Do you ever wonder why men love Dodge cars? Well, supposedly its because the logo resembles a womans ovaries.



This popular sci fi magazine looks innocent enough until you look at the title. Each image is strategically placed to make the word SFX look like SEX.

Jack In The Box


This simple logo looks fine enough, but the last o and x could replicate the Jesus Fish. Could religion sell products?



Rather than the very apparent winking face, some people see a reference to pacman. Maybe it was done on purpose to make gamers more likely to buy the product.

Disney (again)


Everyone remembers the little mermaid, but how many of you noticed this falace shaped beam on the castle in the background? Could Disney be sexualising children?

Disney (again again)


Did Walt Disney have a thing for the Devil? Is he subconsciously getting children to worship Satan too?

Pirates Of The Caribbean


Okay, so technically the title should be Disney (again again again), cut me some slack here! It can be seen, as shown above, that the logo for the popular move somewhat resembles the mickey mouse logo. Coincidence, probably…But its fun to think about.