The show was accused of stealing musical arrangements

Listen to this brilliant cover (above) of Radiohead’s “Creep” by Season 8 contestant Kimberly Nichole. Sounds awesome, right? Well, some of you might feel that this particular musical arrangement also sounds familiar. More than a few Voice viewers compared it to the cover of “Creep” performed by Postmodern Jukebox with American Idol runner-up Haley Reinhart (below).

Some outraged Postmodern Jukebox fans outright accused The Voice of stealing the arrangement. It may seem strange to split hairs about properly crediting cover artists, but think about it: someone took the time and energy to think up that version of that song, so the cover artist should arguably get at least a shout out for their creativity, right?

Its version of diversity was exchanging one blonde judge for another

For several seasons, The Voice switched up its female judges by simply swapping one blonde woman for another: Christina Aquilera, Shakira, and Gwen Stefani. When asked about its seemingly formulaic judging panel, “There was no even thought about it,” Executive Producer Mark Burnett told XFINITY. “Some people said to us, [‘Did you swap a] blonde woman for a blondeā€¦but we didn’t give a thought about female, race or anything.”

As critics slammed the program for its lack of female diversity, the series finally took a chance on Alicia Keys, the first black woman to serve as a season-long mentor. It also added Miley Cyrus as a coach. Her locks are ever-changing but were decidedly blonde when she joined the cast. Seriously, a show that seems this hung up on the hue of its women judges’ hair can’t be for real.