That in-depth coaching you see on TV is strictly for the cameras

Aren’t you amazed that these megastars with established music careers, upcoming albums, and arenas to fill are able to take time from their busy schedule to work with dozens of Voice contestants? Well, you should be because it doesn’t happen. At least, not to the degree the show’s editing makes you think.

Just ask Ddendyl Hoyt. During an interview with the Washington Post, the Season 6 contestant said her Voice mentor wasn’t as hands-on as TV viewers were led to believe. “What [Voice viewers] don’t show is all the coaching that comes from the staff,” Hoyt said. “The vocal coaches, the band director, the producers—everyone has notes for you.”

She claimed much of the “coaching” comes from a team of staff members—not the celebrity judges. What audiences see is reportedly only a tiny part of the process. Though Hoyt was “Team Shakira,” she said she only met with the Latin pop princess for taped portions of the show. Otherwise, for her and the other contestants, “the majority of our growth was left to us on our own,” she said. Bummer.