OT-64 Skot

Country of Origin:  Czechoslovakia

Source: Wikipedia

This was the workhorse of the Soviet Union for much of the Cold War and with thousands of these vehicles built, there is no shortage of them to find today.  Only issue is getting them from Russia to wherever you reside.  Production of the Skot started in 1964 and continued until the 1970’s with a total of 4500 vehicles being produced in its lifetime.  They were built to transport the Spetznaz shock troops across the border into Europe in the event of another world war.  These days though they are mostly sitting in junk yards slowly rusting away.

The Skot could carry two drivers plus 18 troops into battle and was both air-transportable and amphibious with two propellers powering it through the water.  An original OT-64 Skot can still be purchased for between $20,000 and $25,000 plus shipping.

Source: Wikipedia

GAZ Tigr

Country of origin: Russia

Source: Wikipedia

We can assure the readers that any resemblance of the Russian Tigr to the American HUMVEE was nothing more than a coincidence.  The Tigr, produced by Gaz in Russia since 2004 is used by the Russian Military as well as many other militaries through Asia and South America.  Beneath the hood, a 5.9-litre diesel engine powers an 180 hp engine capable of reach 87 mph on road.

GAZ is not pushing the civilian version of this vehicle very much, but like anything in life, money talks.  With the addition of creature comforts such as leather, air conditioning, and a pounding sound system, the Tigr will set you back around $110,000 USD.

Source: Google

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

Country of Origin: Austria

Source: Mercedes

Everything about the Mercedes G63 6×6 screams excess.  The Austrian made vehicle is produced in the same plant as the standard 4 wheeled G Wagon.

Many industry analysts were shocked when the head of the G division of Mercedes gave the green light to the monster of a production vehicle.

However, with an excess of parts available at the factory, it really wasn’t much of a stretch to make the 6 wheeled version in addition to the 4 wheeler.  Plus, with the massive profits from these vehicles, it was a no-brainer.

The 6×6 produces 536hp with 561lb-ft of torque coming from the V8 Turbo engine.  With 18in of ground clearance, the G63 has no problems handling any terrain including running through 4ft of water.  The massive 38.6-gallon fuel tank is required for the low 9 miles per gallon fuel rating.

While you won’t be winning any drag races with the vehicles the G63 does 0-60 in a respectable 7.8s and can reach a max speed of 160km and hour. These vehicles are becoming increasingly rare and with the rarity comes a massive price tag.  The 6×6 is priced at a whopping $525,000.

Source: Mercedes