She was once in a cult

While it might sound more like the plot of a movie she’d star in than real life, Pfeiffer doesn’t hide the fact that she fell prey to a cult during her early, more vulnerable acting years. “I was pretty young and very alone,” she told The Telegraph. “I didn’t live with them or anything — so I wasn’t that far gone. Much later I did some research into cults to try to understand what had happened to me, and the way they operate is they hook people on very intellectual and existential ideas. And people who are always questioning and thinking, that kind of personality can sometimes lead to hopelessness, and that’s where they get you.”

Ultimately, Pfeiffer lost most of the money she had at the time (not to mention her naivete) to her time with the cult, making it a hard-learned lesson. However, Pfeiffer did manage to find a silver lining. In her research on cults, she uncovered data stating that typically people with extremely high IQs wind up in cults. Laughing, she said of this theory, “That didn’t make me feel quite so bad.”

She would love to land in a TV series

The key to getting Pfeiffer to open in interviews may just be to have fellow industry creatives do the interviewing. As part of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series, Pfeiffer sat down with Sarah Jessica Parker to talk shop. After a few moments, the female powerhouses’ banter led to an interesting career revelation on Pfeiffer’s part.

While chatting about Parker’s return to television for HBO’s Divorce, conversation turned to the evolution of the medium. “Television has changed so much,” said Pfeiffer, “even in the last 10 years, especially for women. It’s such an amazing place.”

Seeing an opening, Parker seized the opportunity to press Pfeiffer about her interest in committing to a TV series, should the right one come along. “I would love to do something in television,” revealed Pfeiffer, whose early acting included a few series.

“Because at this stage in my life, it actually fits really well, because I like the idea of just being in one place for awhile — I think there is a range of possibilities in television.”