Have you ever wondered who it was that first came up with some of the most perfect food combinations? Who was the first person to taste cheese and crackers together? Who was the first to decide to dip their Oreo into a glass of milk? We will probably never know but we do know what ten of the very best combinations of food that we all enjoy today!

10. Bacon and Eggs

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We have to start off this list with one of the very best food combinations that you could ever imagine! Bacon and eggs! Just saying that makes me very hungry indeed – if I had not already eaten breakfast I would be heading over and to crack some eggs immediately. That lovely crispy bacon and some yummy and runny fried eggs is a combination of foods that is loved the world over.

When you combine the levels of protein that is found in eggs and the fats found in the bacon – you have a combination that will give you plenty of energy to get through the day. This dish is also great for hangovers too – many people swear on bacon and eggs whenever they have drunk too much the night before. There is something about the greasiness that can really take the edge off.