4. Monica Vitti


Monica made her big debut through her major role in “L’avventura.” This really kick-started her career, and although she never managed to transition into English-speaking movies, her work in Italian cinema is quite memorable, and considered to be among the greatest classics in film, especially in Italy.

Unfortunately, she been battling Alzheimer’s in recent years, but she’ll always be remembered for contributing to Italian film.

5. Vera Miles


Anyone who was alive during the 60s, or who appreciates films from the decade remembers “Psycho.” Vera Miles starred in it, making her a familiar face of 60s film.

She actually worked often with Alfred Hitchcock, even outside of “Psycho”, and throughout her acting career, managed to star in a few hit TV shows and other movies. In 1995, Miles retired, but her talent has made the deepest impact on Hollywood, so she is deserving of immense amounts of respect.

6. Shirley MacLaine


Remember watching “Around the World in 80 Days?” That’s one of the classics that Shirley MacLaine will always be remember for. One of her more recents works has included “Steel Magnolias”, and “Downton Abbey”, which has been a massive hit as of lately.

Regardless of what era her movies took place in, she’s a true Hollywood gem, and should be regarded as such.