Age is an interesting thing. It can either make you look better, or far worse than you looked when you were younger. Famous Women aren’t immune to this phenomenon, namely your favorite stars from the 60s. Here are 31 women from the 60’s then…and today:

1. Julie Andrews

The lovely Julie Andrews is a unique and incredibly famous British actress that really impacted film in the 60s.

You might recognize her as the beloved Mary Poppins, although she had many roles that were icons in and of themselves, and these roles are remembered today. She also joined Anne Hathaway in the “The Princess Diaries” in 2001, and her glow from her youthful years is still intact.

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2. Diana Rigg

You probably know Diana Rigg from her unforgettable performance in the TV series, “The Avengers”. This show’s peak was from 1965 until 1968, but that wasn’t Rigg’s only outstanding performance.

She also has an elaborate history in the world of theatre acting, and played in a variety of shows in London, as well as NYC. Relative to her age, her skin looks pristine, and you can tell that this woman really takes care of herself.

3. Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve has been on a roll since the 60s, and hasn’t stopped for a second. This French star has obtained numerous awards for her work, so much, that she is an icon in the world of French cinema.

This woman did it all, including English films, such as Dancer in the Dark and The Musketeer. Today, she continues to act, and participates in an array of philanthropic organizations.