It is usually easy to tell when a woman has had plastic surgery.  After a bad facelift or injecting too much Botox, women tend to look less human.  That doesn’t even factor in a bad nose job, those can be the absolute worst!

Having said that, not every plastic surgery turns into a disaster.  Some women just know how to do plastic surgery the right way.  The women in that category are the beautiful women we are focusing on today.  Most of these women were beautiful before surgery, but surgery actually enhanced their natural looks.

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff, Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty

Hilary Duff was always a baby-faced beauty.  She became popular as a Disney Star that later matured into an adult actress,  Unfortunately for her, the baby-face didn’t seem to go away with age.  She was still cute, but she wasn’t a stunningly hot type of woman.

In recent years, she has become much more sexy instead of cute.  Experts believe that she has undergone breast augmentation, lip augmentation and rhinoplasty.  If you take a close look, you will see that the experts are mostly likely correct.  Rhinoplasty surgery in plain English means nose job.  She probably wanted her broad nose to look more narrow.  She achieved her goal.  The change was noticed in 2010, which happened to be the same year she tied the knot.  She wanted to look extra special for her special day.

When asked if she has undergone plastic surgery, she firmly denied it.  Why should she admit it?  She looks great and that’s the point of plastic surgery right?  People aren’t supposed to notice.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore, Plastic Surgery, Botox

You surely noticed how much of a hottie Demi Moore became in her later years.  It was so much so, that she once seduced the much younger, Ashton Kutcher.  Their romance bloomed and wilted, but that’s besides the point.  Demi looks absolutely gorgeous and plastic surgery treated her well.

In her younger years, her face was more pudgy and round.  Now it is more striking with sharp features.  She almost resembles the beautiful Penelope Cruz.  She has nice plump cheeks and a smooth forehead.  This is usually achieved by injections of Botox.

According to Tony Youn, M.D., a top plastic surgeon, Moore has undergone several surgeries.  In his opinion, she has had lip injections, cheek implants and Botox.  He noted, that her face looks tight, but what does he know?  He is only jealous that he wasn’t the doctor who performed the surgeries.  Demi, you look great!  Don’t worry about what all the haters have to say about you.