Everyone knows celebrities have secrets and some of them are dark.  Celebrities are always in the news for cheating, getting in trouble, romance and whatever the media can get their hands on.  What about the secrets that aren’t dark but still surprising?  A lot of celebrities have been raised in LGBT homes and some of them are the biggest celebrities on the planet.  Prepare to be surprised with some of the names you find on this list especially #3.

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson, Gay, LGBT, Celebrity

The infamous OJ Simpson once ducked murder charges that the world will never forget.  The also infamous Johnnie Cochran was part of his defense team.  Karma ended up catching up to him.  Now he is locked up in Reno, Nevada on charges of kidnapping and robbery.  Before all these troubles, he was one of the best running backs to ever play the game of football.  There’s no denying that he has had one rollercoaster ride of an adult life.

What about OJ’s childhood?  He was born in Stanford University Hospital in Northern California on July 9, 1947.  His parents are Jimmie and Eunice Durden Simpson.  His father, Jimmy, was well-known in San Francisco during his living days as a drag queen.  He contracted AIDS like many gay men did in the 80s.  The disease caused his eventual death in 1986.  Could this troubled childhood have caused OJ to develop mental problems that lead to his life of crime after pro football?

50 Cent

50 Cent, Gay, LGBT, Celebrity

Rapper 50 Cent has had his share of problems during his rise to fame.  He once nearly died after being shot in the face.  It was almost a blessing in disguise since after his recovery, he finally became a star.  The injury had changed his voice and gave him a whole new outlook on life.  He also banked off Vitamin Water when it became incredibly popular.  He may not be putting out great rap songs anymore, but it doesn’t really matter since the man is already filthy rich.

50 had a rough childhood.  He grew up in Queens, New York without a father.  During those years, the late ‘70s, Queens was running rampant with drug dealers and users.  It wasn’t exactly  paradise for a kid.  Before becoming a teenager, his bisexual mother was found dead.  She was caught up in the drug scene as a user.  If you remember the movie, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, it depicted 50 being raised by his grandparents.