Orphaned at 13, he lived with friends

It’s hard to fathom becoming an orphan at age 13 and still managing to grow up with a good head on your shoulders. Will’s mother, Dana, reportedly got everything set up to make sure he’d be well cared for in her absence. According to People, Will lived with childhood friends after his mother passed. Though he has two half-siblings, Matthew Reeve and Alexandra Reeve Givens, from his father’s previous relationship with model Gae Exton, as well as other blood relatives, “Dana wanted him to stay in Bedford, New York, with the people he’d grown up with,” the magazine reported.

A woman who lived in the same small town praised Dana’s decision, telling The Mirror, “He’s an amazing child. It makes total sense for him to be with close friends with a child of a similar age. It was a very wise decision.” Years later, this courageous decision seems to have been the right one.