Is there a super lady in his life?

He’s got a strong foundation of family and friends, a solid career, and a philanthropic drive. It seems the only thing missing from Will’s wildly successful life is a significant other. MSN named him one of the Top 50 Bachelors of 2016, citing his generosity (and the flattering words of his grandmother) as proof of his perfection.

At the time of this writing, he was reportedly single. In fact, the young man has impressively avoided stirring up any gossip or drama concerning his love life. This day and age, that’s a legitimate superpower.

Even Superman’s kids had to eat broccoli and go to bed

While some young people can’t wait to spread their wings and rebel against their upbringing, William Reeve has remained firmly rooted to the simple things in life and is close to his half-siblings. In 2013, the trio made headlines when they attended a gala together to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Like Will, half-siblings Alexandra and Matthew have pursued careers outside of showbiz. How has Will remained so humble despite his parents’ fame?

“I understand that not every child experiences going to the grocery store and seeing their dad on the magazine at the checkout aisle,” he told People in 2016, but…it was a totally normal childhood.” His parents “were the people who told me to turn off the TV, to eat my broccoli, to go to bed,” Will said.

Forging his own path

After earning degrees in English and American literature from Middlebury College in Vermont in 2014, Will landed a reporting gig with ESPN just months after graduation. No, he didn’t get the job because of his super surname. Will cut his teeth in the field as a production assistant at Good Morning America. Will has served as a member of the popular SportsCenter team since early 2015, a job he calls “something he’s always wanted.”

According to The Wrap, the network hired Will as part of a trio of young talent, including comedian Reese Waters and social media guru Sarina Morales, intended to “tap into the digital landscape to reach the millennial generation.”

In addition to his role as an ESPN contributor, Will also hosts a weekly hockey show for MSG Network. He told Page Six he grew up on the ice. “Some of my fondest memories come from sitting along the glass with my mom and dad, learning to love hockey and forging a deep bond with my parents, and the sport, that still exists today.” In fact, Chris reportedly attended one of Will’s hockey games the day before he died.

Sizing up his booming broadcast career, Will told The Wrap, “My dad and I had a huge bond and shared a love of sports. I hope [my parents] would be proud and say, ‘Great job,’ no matter what. Then my dad would probably tell me to straighten my tie!”