It’s still hard to believe that actor Christopher Reeve (best known for his role as Superman) died tragically more than 12 years ago from complications caused by an infected bed sore. The former action star had spent nine years as a quadriplegic following a fall while horseback riding.

His youngest son, William Reeve, who turned 25 in 2017, is not only honoring his late father and mother (Dana Morosini Reeve died of lung cancer in 2006) but also paving his own way as a broadcaster and activist. Though he lost his parents as a young teenager, Will maintains that he had a rather traditional upbringing. He completed college, pursued the career of his dreams, and works hard to uphold his late parents’ spirit of generosity and philanthropy.

Now the spitting image of his dad, Will is gracious, kind, and carries himself heroically despite all of his hardships growing up.