The iconic Little House on the Prairie ran from 1974-1983, becoming one of the biggest hits in the history of television. Over the course of it’s run, numerous actors appeared. Some have gone on to massive success, some have purposely sought the quiet life, and others have landed somewhere in between.

Let’s take a look at where all the major Little House players have ended up. Did you even remember #12 was on the show?

1. Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls)


Series star Melissa Gilbert has had a dream Hollywood career. Following Little House, she’s starred in numerous films and television projects since, including a memorable run on Dancing With The Stars. On top of that, she’s written a series of children’s books. She’s also flirted with a political career, though a back injury curtailed a proposed run at a congressional seat.

2. Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson)


Arngrim’s character Nelly may have been known for her devious ways, but the actress has dedicated her post-Little House life to helping people. After she wrote a book detailing the sexual abuse she endured as a child, Arngrim has gone on to help others who’ve gone through the same thing.

3. Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls)


Twins Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush teamed up to play the single character Carrie Ingalls throughout the show’s run. Following the the end of the series they retired from acting. Lindsay eventually married a man she had first met on the Little House set and reconnected with years later. Sidney had also married previously, but her husband committed suicide in 2009.