Hollywood may be known for bragging and showing off, but these celebs decided to stay humble about their time in the military. Who knew that so many celebrities served our country in the military? It’s a wonder they managed to stay so quiet, even though they did the most selfless thing possible for one’s country.

Some of them chose to enlist and others were drafted when their country went to war. It doesn’t matter how famous you were, though, you couldn’t get out of enlistment! In fact, many celebrities have fought in the Vietnam War, Korean War, World War II, while others did some service in the 21st century. Here are the celebrities that used to be in the military!

1. Mr. T

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

It must have been in the army where Mr. T (born Lawrence Tureaud) got his bad-boy look but then again, he did grow up in Chicago.

The I Pity the Fool actor enlisted in the United States Army after he was expelled from Prairie View A&M University and served in the Military Police Corps. Mr. T did well in the army as his drill sergeant gave him a letter of recommendation and out of 6,000 troops, he was named “Top Trainee of the Cycle.” He went on to become squad leader!