When we think of women in sports, we usually don’t envision the picks of the litter when it comes to looks. To their credit, they are not trying to look hot while playing their respective sports.  Also, they are usually much more muscular than a normal woman.  For most men, these not so feminine features aren’t the most attractive ones.  Every so often, a woman comes along that defies this rule.  The kind of woman that is not only a talented athlete but a bonafide hottie as well.  Without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet for the hottest women in sports.

Anna Blanchard

Anna Blanchard, Surfing, Hot, Athlete

Anna Blanchard has a leg up on the competition since the uniform for her sport is a bikini.  Yup, she’s a surfer that could easily be a Reef girl.  Just take a look at her Instagram for living, breathing proof.  There you will find her gorgeous beach body, flowing blonde hair and beautiful beach scenery from around the world.

She also stays extra healthy as a vegan.  That helps keep that beautiful beach body of hers slim and toned.  If you love animals, she does too.  Now partner those features with the fact that she can shred on a surf board and out comes one of the hottest women in sports.

In case you were wondering, she is an American born in 1990.  Her original stomping grounds are in Kauai, Hawaii.  That makes sense, since Hawaii is one of the best places to surf in the world.  On the side, she models Rip Curl swimwear.