When we think of women in sports, we usually don’t envision the picks of the litter when it comes to looks. To their credit, they are not trying to look hot while playing their respective sports.  Also, they are usually much more muscular than a normal woman.  For most men, these not so feminine features aren’t the most attractive ones.  Every so often, a woman comes along that defies this rule.  The kind of woman that is not only a talented athlete but a bonafide hottie as well.  Without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet for the hottest women in sports.

Anna Blanchard

Anna Blanchard, Surfing, Hot, Athlete

Anna Blanchard has a leg up on the competition since the uniform for her sport is a bikini.  Yup, she’s a surfer that could easily be a Reef girl.  Just take a look at her Instagram for living, breathing proof.  There you will find her gorgeous beach body, flowing blonde hair and beautiful beach scenery from around the world.

She also stays extra healthy as a vegan.  That helps keep that beautiful beach body of hers slim and toned.  If you love animals, she does too.  Now partner those features with the fact that she can shred on a surf board and out comes one of the hottest women in sports.

In case you were wondering, she is an American born in 1990.  Her original stomping grounds are in Kauai, Hawaii.  That makes sense, since Hawaii is one of the best places to surf in the world.  On the side, she models Rip Curl swimwear.

Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard, Athlete, Hot, Swimming

It only seems natural to have another woman that makes her living in the water on this list.  Amanda Beard is a 4-time Olympian swimmer.  She has kept her amazing physique even after giving birth to two beautiful children.

During her Olympic career, she has won seven medals including: 2 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze.  That is an incredible Olympic career to say the least.  She has also won the American Swimmer of the Year Award twice.  Just picture a female version of Michael Phelps.  Outside of the Olympics, she has medaled in the World Championships, the Summer Universiade and the Pan Pacific Championships.

Besides swimming, she has shown off her amazing physique for FHM and the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Only the crème de la crème make it into the Swimsuit Edition.  That’s where our favorite Kate Upton makes her appearances.  Beard is also a spokeswoman for the Defenders of Wildlife, a non-profit that aims to protect native plant and animal life in North America.  Winning!

Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson, MMA, Hot, Athlete

Even though her name may make you think she is another mermaid on this list, she is in fact an MMA fighter.  She also has an Instagram account with some hot selfies and rather revealing shots for us all to see.  She has no fear in showing off her pregnant belly either.  She is a mother and wife in her personal life.  Also, you can view videos of her training karate.  She is the definition of an all-around woman.  Is there anything she can’t do?

As a fighter, she professionally fights in the UFC, the world’s most popular MMA promotion company.  The company seems to get more and more popular each year as boxing becomes less popular.  People love their gore.

In 2013, Waterson was the #1 ranked Atomweight fighter in the world.  Before the UFC, she gained recognition fighting in the Invicta Fighting Championships.  In April 2015, she officially signed with the UFC and went on to win her first match via submission.

Ivet Lalova

Ivet Lalova, Hot, Athlete, Sprinter

Ivet Lalova is quick as lighting.  The Bulgarian born sprinter specializes in the 100 and 200 meter dash.  Currently, she sits in the tenth spot for fastest woman to ever run the 100 meters.  Every woman ahead of her is of West African descent.  Unfortunately, she has never medaled in the Olympics.  In the 2004 Summer Olympics, she was one step away coming in 4th.

After the 2004 games, her career was sidelined for two years due to a leg injury.  The injury occurred during a warmup at the Athens Super Grand Prix in 2005.  She collided with another athlete; the collision left her with a broken right femur.  She later retuned to win a gold at the 2012 European Athletics Championships.

Her physical appearance is gorgeous.  She has strong legs, a beautiful face and a very toned body.  Being in that kind of shape is every woman’s dream.    Her husband, Simone Collio, is also a sprinter.  She married the Italian sprinter in 2013 in Italy.

Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco, Hot, Athlete, Javelin

Franco is a woman of many talents much like the other women on the list.  She is a Paraguayan model, actress and has since hung it up as an athlete.  She participated in 3 Olympic Games spanning from 2004-2012.  Her speciality is the javelin throw.

After her amazing looks were noticed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she became a viral sensation on the internet.  Unfortunately, her olympic best was 34th place.  It doesn’t really matter for her, since her main career focus is acting.  It’s amazing to think that a professional actress even qualified for the Olympics.

She looks stunning in all of her photos.  She has legs for days that beg for attention.  She also loves posting pictures of her fitness routines that look fairly hardcore.  If you take a look at some of her modeling shoot photos, you will notice that she is not only one of the hottest women in sports.  She is quite possibly one of the hottest women in the world.  Her sexy glare can cut through glass.

Monyca Byrne Wickey

Monyca Byrne Wickey, Hot, Surfer, Athlete

Why do surfer chicks have to be so dang hot? It must be in their genes.  They have that laid back personality to go with their amazing looks.  There’s something about surfing that gives women that inner peace we all crave so much.

Wickey is sponsored by the popular surf company, Roxy.  She is also happily married, sorry fellas.  Another hobby of hers is organic farming.  She also loves showing off her amazing bikini bod.  Her charisma pops off the page through her photos. Snowboarding is one of her things too.

In her spare time, she does bikini photoshoots that showcase her amazing beauty.  Her physique is second to none.  She has petite curves, luscious blonde hair, a perfect stomach and a very kissable face.  On a surfboard, she isn’t too bad either.

Like Blanchard, she is from Hawaii.  Her island of choice is Maui.  Everyone can agree that the motherland for hot surfer girls is Hawaii.

Snezana Rodic

Snezana Rodic, Hot, Athlete, Triple Jump

Mrs. Rodic is a beautiful, blonde Slovenian triple jumper.  She has gained an internet following for her Youtube videos and Dailymotion videos.  For good reason, she is very easy on the eyes to say the least.

She did quite well in several European and World Championships.  Her championship career began in 2003 and spanned until 2014.  Her best finish came in the 2013 Mediterranean Games where she placed 2nd in triple jump.  The event took place in Mersin, Turkey.

If you do a little searching, you will find some incredible photos of her in black yoga pants.  Yoga pants pics of hot girls have become a hot commodity in recent times.  She is at the top of list when it comes to hot girls in yoga pants, there’s no doubt about that.

In her personal life, she is married to Aleksandar Rodic.  He is a professional football player who makes his income with UF Monfalcone.

Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley, Hot, Surfer, Athlete

At this point, it’s only natural to finish with a third and perhaps the most beautiful surfer girl on this list.  If you check Ashley’s Instagram account, you will see that she has a HUGE fan base.  Over 1 million followers for her efforts!  Also, you will see one of the most gorgeous beach bodies in your life.  In case you haven’t noticed, surfing will get you in amazing shape.  Have you ever seen surfer girls’ male counterparts?  Now it’s all coming together right?

Anastasia really rips too, she has no fear of riding some giant waves.  If you have never surfed, riding waves like those takes some real guts.  Her modeling shoots look absolutely stunning.  She even goes topless and covers herself with flowers.  Sexy to say the least.  Like most surfer girls, she also has a healthy diet.  She loves to show off her healthy meals.  To stay in balance, she practices yoga.  Are you in love yet?