Friends ran for 10 seasons and was nominated for a whopping 62 Prime time Emmy’s. It’s a cross-generational favorite that will forever remain in our hearts. With such a long run and immense popularity, you’d expect people to know absolutely everything there is to know about the sitcom. Not so.

You can’t usually pull the wool over the eyes of Friends fans, but there are a few things about the series that haven’t yet made their way to being common knowledge, even for the most die-hard followers. Be the best of your friends in Friends-related trivia, and indulge yourself with these fun Friends facts! Phew. That’s a lot of F’s.

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1. David Schwimmer Never Auditioned

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David Schwimmer didn’t need to audition for the part of Ross. Schwimmer had already auditioned the year before for a pilot by Friends writer Marta Kauffman, and his acting stuck with her.