Charlotte Rae – Then

Charlotte played the role of the famous Mrs. Garrett, the housekeeper and caretaker of the girls under her wing at Eastland prep school. The first season had seven girls, while as of season two Mrs. Garrett would look after four of them.

The role of Mrs. Garrett would evolve over the seasons and grow in depth and dimension. She began as just a caretaker but went on to be the school’s dietitian and a businesswoman, all the while she tended to the girls and their issues as well. Mrs.Garrett was calm, reasonable and kind, but also tough and educational when it was needed.

Charlotte Rae – Now

These days, Charlotte is an astounding 90 years old and still sharing her bubbly personality with the world. Rae received an Emmy Award nomination in 1983 for her role as Edna Garrett. Through the years she appeared in several TV shows and movie.

Most recently, Rae appeared in the film, Ricky and the Flash, alongside Meryl Streep, Rick Springfield, and Kevin Kline. Rae has enjoyed both film and television continuity and has also been working in voice roles, such as The Brothers Flub, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. At the age of 90, Rae has slowed down her acting over the last years, and we think she is more than deserving! She now keeps

Lisa Whelchel – Then

Lisa played young, stunning, and snobby, Blair Warner. Lisa was 14 years old when she began playing Blair. When the show began in 1979, Blair’s character was that of a rebellious wealthy teen that does whatever she feels like it without thinking of the consequences.

However, in 1980, for the show’s second season and after many changes, Blair’s bad streak was altered and shifted over to a new character (Jo). Blair would come back as a spoiled rich girl who liked nothing more to do than shop.

Lisa Whelchel – Now

Lisa has always been a devout Christian, and her career took her by way of her religion. She produced a Christian music album, All Because of You, in 1984, which was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Whelchel has also been on CBS’s reality show, Survivor: Philippines, where she came in at second place. Whelchel has been in a TV movies, such as, For Better or For Worse, Hearts of Spring, and A Snow Capped Christmas. Lisa was married from 1988-2012 and has three children.