They’ll be living in London

And now for news that will make every British tabloid happy: in its statement, Clarence House said Prince Harry and Markle will live in Nottingham Cottage inside Kensington Palace, which is where Harry currently resides.

Sound familiar? Well, per the Daily Mail, Nottingham Cottage was actually Prince William and Middleton’s first home as husband and wife.

It’s unclear if the Queen will attend

Now that Harry and Markle are officially engaged, people are beginning to wonder if the Queen–who is the head of the Church of England–will actually attend the ceremony because of Markle’s divorcée status.

One can look at history for possible clues. The Queen famously chose not to attend her son Charles’ 2005 ceremony, opting to host a reception instead, according to the BBC.

And yet, given all of the changes the Royal Family has made toward marriage in recent years, one wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if the Queen shows up, especially when you consider how happy she sounded in her official statement.

Guess we’ll have to wait this one out.

What will their titles be?

Another question on everybody’s lips: what, if any, royal titles will Harry and Markle receive after they tie the knot? Though it’s unclear if Harry will be granted a royal dukedom, sources for People claim he’ll most likely be made the Duke of Sussex. As for Markle? That would make her the Duchess of Sussex.

Well, that’s definitely better than “that actress from Suits.”