Melania looked less than thrilled on Inauguration Day

Melania’s support of her husband’s new career path has been subject to tons of speculation. In the scathing White House tell-all Fire & Fury, author Michael Wolff writes that Melania cried “tears — and not of joy” after finding out about her husband’s unexpected win.

This is something that was vehemently denied by Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s communications director. She swore Melania encouraged Trump to run in the first place and was “very happy” with the election’s outcome. Strangely enough, during the actual inauguration, Mrs. Trump looked anything but.

Melania’s morose expression was so obvious that the internet rushed to her aid with the hashtag #FreeMelania (shocker: the general population likes the first lady a whole lot more than her husband). In the clip that launched a thousand divorce rumors, FLOTUS grinned at POTUS only to immediately frown the moment he turned back around.

Even so, it’s difficult to be hard on Melania for the awkward exchange. There could be a few reasons why she scowled. Maybe she was bored out of her mind (only a small handful of people bothered to show up that day.) Maybe she was reeling from the fact that Barron totally snubbed her high-five. Maybe she cut down on carbs to maintain her model figure and felt a little hangry (how many carbs are in a dozen Diet Cokes?) Melania loves her husband very much and was thrilled to be there, okay?