Melania slapped Trump’s hand away in Israel

Things didn’t get less awkward when the first couple jetted over to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and discuss moving the U.S. Embassy. We’re not exactly sure what went down on Air Force on the way there, but Melania clearly wasn’t feeling very affectionate toward her husband by the time they landed.

The incident went down as Netanyahu and his wife — who were holding hands — escorted President Trump and Melania across the red carpet. Trump reached out to grab Melania’s hand, and she swiftly smacked it away.

This was just one of a few cringe-worthy moments during the Trumps’ trip to the Middle East. After the quick snub, Melania went on to give a misguided speech about “work life” balance to Saudi women, who, as a whole, weren’t even legally allowed to drive at the time. The Trump camp also bizarrely posed around some sort of crystal ball — and everyone knows uplighting doesn’t make for a very flattering photo-op.

Did she pretend to fix her hair to avoid holding hands?

It’s a classic move: pretend to fix your hair to avoid having to touch someone you don’t want to. Nervous teenagers testing the dating waters have been doing it for centuries, and apparently, so has Melania Trump.

The first lady appears to put forth a great deal of effort to avoid holding Donald Trump’s hand. She snubbed him during their first overseas trip and did it again when they landed in Rome. This time, she brushed her tousled brunette mane out of her face to perhaps save herself the grief of showing her husband public affection.

To be totally fair, a first lady’s hair is of the utmost importance, and maybe she didn’t see the president’s tiny hand bidding for her attention. There was a lot going on in that moment.

According to a member of the president’s inner circle who spoke to Vanity Fair, her perceived coldness isn’t a diss. Melania reportedly prefers to step back and let her husband have the spotlight. Of course, the internet wasn’t kind about Melania’s perceived snub and the #SaveMelania hashtags resurfaced like so many cockroaches.

Let’s just shake on it

It’s true: your husband is supposed to be your life partner, but does that mean he’s also your business partner? That appears to be the case for Donald Trump, who greeted his wife with the firm handshake of a fellow colleague.

By the time POTUS arrived with his wife at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, Melania had already made it pretty clear that she’s not into PDA. It seems the president finally got the memo, because eh greeted the first lady with a handshake and awkwardly nudged her off stage after she introduced him to the crowd.

The encounter was so strange that Twitter erupted with commentary. One user claimed this incident was “by far the most awkward husband/wife encounter” they’d ever witnessed; another said, “Nothing says I love you [to] my wife like a firm handshake and false pleasantries.” Others questioned if Donald and Melania actually know each other at all.