Can someone please get Melania out of there? Since the moment Donald Trump was sworn into office, the first lady seems to have maintained her constant frown just about as well as her fierce sense of style. From dodging her husband’s hand-holding advances to sequestering herself in her gold-encrusted NYC penthouse long after he moved to Washington, it’s unclear if this first couple actually like each other at all.

Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage is a stark contrast to Barack and Michelle Obama’s White House love-fest. It’s not hard to argue that the POTUS showed more affection to French President Emmanuel Macron than his own wife (in his defense, at least Macron kissed him back.) Part of this undeniable tension could be that Melania didn’t really know what she was getting into (something she admitted in a 2016 GQ interview) or maybe it’s the alleged porn star hush money and the creepy comments Trump lobs at his own daughter. Either way, it’s awkward as heck.

At the very heart of it, the infamous couple seems like polar opposites: she’s private, dignified, and reserved, while he’s the kind of guy that boasts about groping women and antagonizes foreign dictators on social media. That’s not to say opposites don’t attract, especially when millions of dollars can help dull even the worst qualities in a person. But is it enough?

Here’s a run-down of Donald and Melania Trump’s most cringe-worthy moments. Just when you think things can’t get weirder, they do.