When female celebrities step foot on the red carpet, they know it’s their time to shine bright! Why not show off the beautiful body you worked hard in the gym to create? Over the years, there have been some rather jaw-dropping moments on the red carpet. Women have given the public more than we ever could have imagined. No matter who you are, prepare to be impressed by these celebrities who nearly bore it all on the red carpet!

Jennifer Lopez – 2000 Grammy Awards


In 2000, J-Lo gave the world an INSIDE look into her most private of parts. The deep cut in her green dress went deeper than an ocean fault line. It was no coincidence, she decided to don the famous dress after releasing her debut album. At the time, she was dating the famous, Puff Daddy. He sure must have had his hands full on that fateful night. There’s no doubt, she was getting looks from every angle imaginable.

While some stylists probably hated the look, a lot of others loved it. Either way, Jennifer Lopez made her point. She knew the dress was risqué before she decided to don it. The amount of media attention she got after wearing only could have added to her album sales. The savvy Puff Daddy might have recommended to pull the stunt. He knows shocking the world is how a person makes money in the entertainment industry.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Iron Man 3 Premiere


When the leggy, blonde Gwyneth Paltrow set foot on the red carpet for the Iron Man 3 premiere, photographers couldn’t take photos fast enough. The sheer panels running up the sides of her dress gave the public something to marvel at. It quickly became apparent, she didn’t like to shave you know what! It’s interesting to wonder if she made the move on purpose or not.

Apart from learning her grooming habits, the public nearly got a look at her tush. A body part mostly nobody wouldn’t mind seeing.

As for Paltrow, she wore the dress with the utmost confidence. Her cool demeanour negated any negative critical opinions. Anyone who had something negative to say was most likely jealous of her exquisite beauty. Rock on Gwyneth!

Beyoncé – Met Ball Gala 2015


Who can forget Beyonce at the Met Ball Gala in 2015? Most likely no one. The Queen B has always been known for sporting her sparkly outfits and making men’s jaws drop on the regular. She’s mentioned on almost every American TV show throughout the week, every week for her beauty. Some ESPN reporters are extra obsessed with her, but there’s no reason to name names here.

If you ever wondered what her physique looks like below her clothing, the gown at the Met Gala gave you the closest look you will probably ever get. To add to the allure, Beyonce made her famous booty pop for the whole world to see.

Unlike some other women who have worn revealing dresses on the red carpet, Beyonce didn’t look trashy. The design of the dress was just right. If one thing is for sure, she rocked the red carpet harder than anyone else that night!

Bleona Qereti – 2014 American Music Awards


You may not have heard of Bleona Qereti. She’s a singer whose gained most of her slight fame by working with bigger name artists. Even by working with more popular artists, she never quite made it to the top of the ladder. In an attempt to get there, she pulled a whacky stunt on the red carpet of the 2014 American Music Awards.

Qereti showed up in nothing but a thong, some fun pasties and a head-to-toe mesh dress. Basically, the singer was bearing it all for the world to see. This was her of idea of getting some press for her name. It definitely got everyone’s attention and most likely made a lot of people feel uncomfortable in the process. It didn’t matter to her. She sported the dress with the utmost confidence. Later on, it was uncovered, her parents were completed humiliated by the stunt. The world still doesn’t know who she is either. The decision was a lose-lose.

Rihanna – 2014 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards


The illustrious Rihanna, no one minds when she decides to show a little extra skin. She decided to take the classier route by wearing a risqué dress for a lesser-known award show instead of something big such as the Oscars. At a fashion show, everyone likes to take some risks.

Her dress was nothing short of controversial. The floor-length mesh gown was sleeveless, sparkly and pretty much gave the public an inside look at what men like to fantasize about. In an effort to cover up some of her goods, she did wear some nude underwear underneath the get up. In her upper body, it was a different story. She went without a bra in a dress with a completely open back. To add to the affect, Rihanna gave a little peep show with her fur stole prop. At times, the prop laid on her upper body while other times it dropped to the floor.

All in all, it was in a good fun. The famous singer took a chance and won.

Jaimie Alexander – Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles Premiere


When Chris Hemsworth is the star of the ball, it takes a little more oomph to make your presence known. Jaime Alexander decided she didn’t want the alpha male to get all the attention. After all, when the red carpet gets rolled out, it’s not the time to be shy.

Her weapon of choice was a long, black gown with some rather peculiar cutouts. By peculiar, we mean revealing. The cutouts were in all the right spots which left little to the imagination. By right spots, we mean around the cleavage, her flat stomach, some hip action, the caboose and even some long, sultry leg action. You get the point?

The most amazing part was the way she managed not to show anything too “adult.” She must have done some practice in the mirror to make sure not to make any false moves. In the end, it was a job well done. The dress was revealing yet not over the top like some others on this list.

Irina Shayk – Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2015


Super hot models sometimes get to have all the fun. The current trend is using sheer panels to tease the goods which lie beneath the dress. Designers sure have there work cut out for them when they design such accurate fitting dresses. The art is showing as much as possible without going into the rated X category. Keep in mind, red carpet appearances are still in the public’s eye. Even though they are not crossing too many boundaries, children may still see a lot of these premieres.

The dress Irina decided to wear for the Vanity Fair Oscars Party in 2015 took most people by storm. The craftsmanship of the dress made it appear as if the dress were completely see-through from certain angles. People needed to adjust their angles of site to make sure the model was actually covered up. It was no problem for her, Irina is used to having all eyes on her anyway.

Kelly Brook – Snatch London Premiere


When you have it, why not show it off? Kelly Brook is a knockout, British model with some amazing curves on a rather feminine frame. The model is also known for her sex appeal. Meaning when the lights are on her, it’s time to show off her moneymaking figure.

It was at the premiere of Snatch when she decided to go all out and let the good times roll. During the London premiere, she showed up in a racey, pink-purple “gown.” It was more of a swimsuit covered in sparkles. To give it somewhat of the effect of a dress, the model added a little extra fabric down one side. The extra fabric didn’t really make any difference. She was the bell of the ball for sure. Every person at the premiere had a chance to see her wonderful assets. The media jumped all over it too, like they always do. Fun times for Kelly Brook and all in attendance.