When female celebrities step foot on the red carpet, they know it’s their time to shine bright! Why not show off the beautiful body you worked hard in the gym to create? Over the years, there have been some rather jaw-dropping moments on the red carpet. Women have given the public more than we ever could have imagined. No matter who you are, prepare to be impressed by these celebrities who nearly bore it all on the red carpet!

Jennifer Lopez – 2000 Grammy Awards


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In 2000, J-Lo gave the world an INSIDE look into her most private of parts. The deep cut in her green dress went deeper than an ocean fault line. It was no coincidence, she decided to don the famous dress after releasing her debut album. At the time, she was dating the famous, Puff Daddy. He sure must have had his hands full on that fateful night. There’s no doubt, she was getting looks from every angle imaginable.

While some stylists probably hated the look, a lot of others loved it. Either way, Jennifer Lopez made her point. She knew the dress was risqué before she decided to don it. The amount of media attention she got after wearing only could have added to her album sales. The savvy Puff Daddy might have recommended to pull the stunt. He knows shocking the world is how a person makes money in the entertainment industry.