Carrie Henn – School Teacher

Carrie Henn portrayed Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jordan in James Cameron’s Aliens when she was just 10 years old. After the movie’s success she said she has no aspirations to be an actress, and she kept to her word. In 2000 she earned her degree in liberal studies and child development, and now works as a school teacher.

Aileen Quinn – Singer/Teacher

Aileen Quinn was the cute little redhead who took on the title role of the 1980s movie, Annie. Her journey at that time wasn’t easy because her audition process lasted for a year and she had thousands of competitors. Even if she already appeared on the big screen, she somehow likes appearing in stage productions even more.

She graduated from the Drew University with a degree majoring in Languages. She was able to do stage productions like Peter Pan and Fiddler on the Roof, hence, she has been able to bring in a stable amount of earnings as she grew older. You’d see her performing with the band Leapin Lizards and on the side, she teaches, too.

Jeff Cohen – Successful Lawyer

Jeff Cohen is an American child actor most recognized for portraying the character of Chunk in the Hollywood ’80s blockbuster The Goonies. After several appearances on TV, Cohen left his acting career behind and pursued his studies.

But he went beyond getting a simple college degree from the University of California; Cohen got a law degree (not online law classes, but the traditional way) and soon became an accomplished lawyer. His net worth of $4 million tells us that he’s doing a fine job as a lawyer.