Blake Lively and Penn Badgley

Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Breakup, Dating

Before Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool, came in to sweep the beautiful, blonde Blake Lively off her feet, there was another man by the name of Penn Badgley.  The two costarred in the CW sitcom, Gossip Girl, together.

In a recent interview by Watch What Happens Live, Badgley was questioned about his best and worst kisses while acting.  Surprisingly, the answer to both questions was Blake Lively.  Why you ask?  It was because he had to kiss her on screen when they were dating and after they broke up.  Imagine how awkward those kisses must have been after they split!

They were together between 2007-2010.  After their break up, Lively went on to add herself to the list of women Leo DiCaprio has run through.  After that brief stint, she began dating her future husband, Reynolds.  Her and Reynolds have been happily married since 2012.  As for Badgley, he is living the single life at age 29.