Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Dental Surgery

Back in the day, Nicolas Cage looked A LOT different.  To the point, that you almost wouldn’t recognize him.  He had a scraggly beard, a unibrow and a smile that no one would want.  His teeth were so bad, that it looked like they were piled on top of one another.  That was only one problem, he had a wicked case of rot on his two front teeth as well.

Once the 90s hit and he started landed mega-roles, it was time to book himself a trip to the dentist.  He definitely underwent dental surgery and received a full set of veneers.  It must be kind of weird for all these famous people not to be able to feel their teeth anymore.  Additionally, he ditched the unibrow and beard.  Those three moves turned him into a whole new man.
As for his acting career, you either love him or you hate him.  His acting can sometimes get flat and repetitive.  It’s only fun to watch him get excited about a discovery so many times before it gets old.