From a distance, the celebrity life seems pretty sweet. Fancy parties, fun jobs, cool perks, and best of all? Huge paychecks. But being one of Hollywood’s elite doesn’t always go hand in hand with making a lot of money, and famous folks aren’t necessarily good at managing their wealth. Whether they spent their money unwisely, filed for bankruptcy, or experienced a lot of unexpected expenses, these celebrities went from loaded to absolutely broke (at least, by Hollywood standards)—and the names on this list will surprise you. Check out how much they’re worth in 2017, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and learn how they lost their millions.

Kelly Rutherford

After starring in the hit television series Gossip Girl, you’d assume Kelly Rutherford would be sitting pretty these days, right? Wrong. She’s reportedly worth about $1 million, but that’s nothing compared to what she used to have in her bank account.

Rutherford lost a ton of money during a bitter six-year custody battle over her children. When the dust settled, a judge granted full custody to her German ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, with Rutherford only permitted to visit the kids in France and Monaco, reported the Daily Mail in 2015. According to the paper, Rutherford’s litigation fees totaled around $1.4 million and forced the actress to file for bankruptcy in 2013.

She told Vanity Fair, “Divorce is a total racket—let’s call it what it is. Everyone’s making tons of money off of stupid people who don’t settle out of court…And for somebody like my ex-husband, [who has] unlimited funds, who sued Google, this is just a sort of side fun project.”