Alessandra Torresani as Claire – Now

This beautiful 30 year old actress has had  a few exciting roles before getting the part of The Big Bang Theory.

Some of these include characters on Two and a Half Men, American Horror Story, and Husbands. It doesn’t seem that Alessandra will be making a return as Claire to the show, but she has just finished her role in the movie Step Sisters where she plays a character named Amber.

Sara Rueas as Stephanie Barnett – Then

During the second season Stephanie makes her debut as a surgical resident and doctor at the hospital Howard must visit. He begins to flirt with her, and offers to let her drive the Mars Rover he is looking after!

Stephanie ends up falling for Leonard, to which Howard is very upset and angry. They become a couple with Stephanie practically moving in with Leonard and Sheldon until Leonard decides to break up with her by sending her a text.

Sara Rue as Stephanie Barnett – Now

Since she left the show, Sara has been cast in many minor roles for different TV series. Some of these include Brenda in the show Rules of Engagement, Kim Sallinger in Malibu Country, and Candice for the show Mom.

While they haven’t been breakthrough, at 38 years old Sara is set next be seen playing the role of the librarian in A Series of Unfortunate Events when it premieres on Netflix at the beginning of next year.