There’s some babies that are cute and then there are babies that are well…let’s just say not so cute. OK, I’ll say it, some are just downright scary looking, like some mutant alien came out instead of a baby. The kind only a mother could love. Celebrities are no exception to this rule although truth be told they’re not as bad as some but the last one will just shock you.

John Travolta

There’s a couple of must see movies by John Travolta if you haven’t seen them. Two are from the 1970s, Saturday Night Fever and Grease, which I’m sure you’ll get a good laugh from them. And if you’ve never seen Pulp Fiction, that’s a must too.

His baby pic isn’t so bad but it looks like he has bug eyes. I’m sure he wasn’t that ugly of a baby but it really gets your attention.

Katie Holmes

It’s hard to talk about Tom Cruise and not mention his former flame, Katie Holmes. Like Tom, Katie wasn’t the best looking baby during her youth. She is not ugly but she was a little droopy looking for our taste.

However this article proves that however your baby looks, it’s not a determining factor of how good-looking or bad-looking they will be in the future!

Sometimes it seems like the weirder or uglier a baby looks, the better looking they’ll be when they hit their adulthood.

Ryan Seacrest

Mr Seacrest of course needs no introduction – he practically on the TV every single night and has won countless awards for his production companies shows.

Could you ever have imagined that this chubby faced boy with bad teeth and terrible glasses would grow into one of the most well known superstar presenters?

Seriously tho Ryan, please cancel everything that has the Kardashians in it – we hold you personally responsible.