Michael Douglas


You have to think that Michael Douglas has some tricks up his sleeve to score beautiful women.  Well, he is famous.  Beyond that, he is not the best looking thing in the world.  His father, Kirk Douglas, was much better looking in his prime. Nevertheless, he was able to score the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The couple has an exact 25 year age difference.  That’s right, they were both born on September 25.  They must have a big birthday celebration each year.  They married in 2000 when Douglas was 56 and Zeta-Jones was 31.

There has been some turbulence in their relationship in recent years, yet they remain together.  Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2011.  The cancer is in remission, although he made some questionable comments during his diagnosis.  Around the same time, Zeta-Jones revealed that she has been struggling with bi-polar disorder.  You have to wonder how well they are really getting along behind closed doors.

Woody Allen


The fiasco that is Woody Allen is pure entertainment.  The way he married his current wife is one of the strangest stories in Hollywood.  Back in the 80s, he was dating actress Mia Farrow.  His current wife, Soon-Yi Previn, is Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter.  At first, Allen was a parental figure for his current wife.  The married couple has a whopping 35 year age gap!

When Allen became romantically involved with Previn, he thought it was only a fling.  Little did he know the relationship was meant to go the distance.  They have been together for 23 years.  That is impressive in today’s society.  Allen has stated that the relationship has worked because of their previous parent-child relationship.

Since marrying in 1997, they have adopted two children together.  Allen believes that luck brought them together.  Maybe he is right because the whole story is so whacky that it’s hard to believe.

Celine Dion


This year Celine Dion faced one of the hardest challenges of her life.  She lost her husband, René Angélil, to cancer.  A disease that takes the lives of our loved ones everyday.

The couple had a rather unique relationship.  Angélil was also Dion’s manager.  He was a music producer, talent manager and singer.  Although he was born in Canada, his family is of Syrian descent.  His career started in Montreal in 1961.  He was a pop singer for the rock group Les Baronets.

Before marrying Dion, Angélil had two failed marriages.  Dion first came to his attention when he was sent a tape of the then 12-year-old Dion.  He immediately took a liking to her voice and invited her to audition.  After a successful audition, He began managing her career.  Once she turned 18, they started a more intimate relationship.  On December 17, 1994, the couple officially married.  The ceremony was broadcasted live on Canadian television.