Zurich, City Break, Hotel, Skiing

Zurich is a place all skiers want to land in their lifetimes.  Skiing in the Alps is a dream come true for foreigners who are not able to easily access the epic mountain range.  For people looking to lounge in the summer, taking a trip to Lake Zurich isn’t too shabby either.  Outdoor activities are in no shortage, and Switzerland is guaranteed to deliver landscapes like you have never seen in your life.  Prepare for high price tags when indulging in these activities.

Tourism within the city is blooming year round for the aforementioned reasons.  The beauty of the city does not come cheap.  It is ideal to shop for a car rental, unless you can afford a $40 cab ride on average.  If you like to drink beer, get used to paying over $10 per pint.  If you venture into a cocktail purchase, expect to pay at least double.

Hotels in the 4-star range will run about $350 per night.  Although, it is not the most expensive travel destination on this list, Zurich has a high price tag for most people.