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If you are interested in taking a trip to Asia, you will find that Tokyo is your most expensive option.  Tokyo’s metropolitan economy is the largest in the world.  In result, if you do not have a lot of money, you will sink to its trenches.

If you do have money to throw around, expect to see one of the most futuristic landscapes of your life.  You can indulge in these landscapes while sampling the incredible cuisine, shopping for unique fashion, enjoying the energetic nightlife or taking a trip through the historical Old Tokyo.  That all sounds great right?  In order to do all of these wonderful things, you will need a lot of doe.

A night out on the town, will run you 100s of dollars if not 1000s.  A decent hotel will cost at least $200 per night.  That’s only a small portion, since the taxis are some of the most expensive in the world.  If you are feeling adventurous enough to navigate the streets of Tokyo, a car rental may suite you better.

New York City

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Living in Manhattan is no joke.  New York City has the highest costs of rent in America.  This translates into extremely high-priced hotels.  Bare minimum prices for a decent hotel are $300 per night.  If you want to venture into the more expensive hotels good luck.  Expect prices to cost well into the 1,000 dollar range if not the $10,000 range.

To its credit, NYC does offer attractions you will not see anywhere else in the world.  A walk though Manhattan is a magical experience.  The skyscrapers are breathtaking, the scene is unique and the city sells everything under the sun.

The food is excellent but comes at a high price.  This doesn’t mean you can’t go to a corner pizza shop and eat the best pizza of your life for a decent price.  Going out to bars can get expensive fast.  Sometimes you are forced to buy goods at the bodegas, where store owners just love to rip people off.

Rio de Janeiro

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When you book a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, you will feel like someone just robbed you.  The price vs. what you actually get is a joke.  In recent times, Rio has been coming on strong after hosting the World Cup and gaining much worldwide notoriety as an epic travel destination.

Decades ago, it was probably a great place for even the budget traveler.  Nowadays to truly enjoy Rio, you need a lot of money.  If you have it, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and famous landmarks that make Rio a great travel destination.  If you don’t have it, you will most likely have a lackluster trip that is more of a hassle than a pleasure.

Considering Brazil is so large, there are other places to enjoy in this amazing country that are less hard on the pocket.  These are also the places that have less effects from westernization which is better for people who love to experience foreign culture.