If you’ve got a little extra coin to spend, adding these 8 travel destinations to your list of places to see in the world is no problem.  They are some of the largest and busiest cities in the world.  Finding luxury hotels, car rental, things to do and a booming nightlife is easy as pie. On the other hand, if your pockets aren’t overflowing with money, you may want to avoid these travel locations altogether.  No matter who you are, #2 will surprise you.


Paris, Hotels, Booking, City Break

When you think of Paris, you envision drinking wine at an outdoor cafe while watching the Eiffel Tower begin to light up at dusk.  This is only one of many romantic moments you can experience in Paris.

If you are an art buff, you can take a trip to the famous Louvre.  It houses masterpieces such as: The Mona Lisa, Liberty Leading the People and The Coronation of Napoleon.  These are some of the most famous pieces of art for the public to see in the world.

When making your hotel booking, there are a lot of luxurious options.  You can choose to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, Le Meurice, Mandarin Oriental or the famous Hôtel Plaza Athénée.  Royal suites come with a high price tag and can venture into the upper $20,000s per night.  An experience like that is surely one you will never forget.  Unfortunately, it takes most people nearly a whole year to make that much money.