Are you a home chef? Do you look forward to the time you spend in the kitchen, whipping up your newest concoction? Whether you’re a veteran or a novice, whether you’re the next at-home Rachel Ray or you cant tell a teaspoon from a tablespoon, everyone can use some handy tricks to make cooking easier.

45 Amazing Kitchen Life-Hacks That Are Absolutely Genius

Have you ever wondered why a recipe that says it takes an hour to make online ends up taking you an hour and a half in your own kitchen? Oftentimes its because the person who wrote that recipe knew some handy tips and tricks that you didn’t. If you are ready to take your cooking skills to the next level, read on. We will teach you 45 amazingly simple and genius kitchen hacks that will transform the way you cook forever!

Bake bacon in the oven.

Bake bacon in the oven
Ever wonder why the bacon you get at a restaurant is always evenly and consistently cooked with no annoying raw ends? Ever wonder why the middles don’t get all crumbly or hard and overcooked? The difference is all in the cooking. Whereas most home chefs fry up bacon on the frying pan, most restaurant workers bake it in the oven. Try it out at 400 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and be amazed!