We are pretty sure that the celebrities featured in this article DID NOT want a member of the illustrious paparazzi to be present when a sudden gust of wind, a difficult exit from a sports car, or a faulty garment caused them to reveal slightly more than they would usually. Nevertheless, these superstars can’t sadly buy an insurance policy to protect against such ‘acts of God’.

So without further ado, lets kick off this article – and remember these are sorted by level of embarrassment – so some of the final snaps are quite startling 😉

1. Victoria Justice

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Victoria Justice is a very talented America actress and singer who started out her career like so many other pop icons – she piggybacked on her successes on teen television, transitioning through Disney, Nickelodeon, and onto Hallmark. She started her career at the age of 10 in a ‘Gilmore Girls’ episode. Since then its been a rocket like trajectory into the public collective conscious with notable shows like Zoey 101, iCarly, and even her own musical show – Victorious.

Needless to say we hadn’t heard of her in any of these shows, because frankly we aren’t interested in silly kids television. Later on she started releasing reasonably decent songs that were suitable for remixing by more talented artists. To be honest, to date her biggest splash was when the contents of her iCloud account were leaked online, and following that getting filmed disgustingly licking donuts in a cake shop.

Today she is a model, singer, and continues to develop into better onscreen roles.

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