18. Audi Makaon Speed Sailor

20 Concept Cars That Could Change How We Drive In The Future

Auto designer Bjorn Wehrli came up with the concept of the Audi Makaon Speed Sailor because he believes that all high-speed cars in the future will be powered by wind energy. We won’t actually see this vehicle during the next few years, as the production year is set for 2040, since this is when Bjorn believes that the effects of global warming will force car manufacturers to look for an alternative energy source.

The car features a unique 2-seat layout that is employed by a sailor and a driver, who have to work together in order to maximize energy efficiency while also perfectly positioning the sail system. Bjorn has noted that the weight of this vehicle will be minimal, and that he will only use strong but lightweight materials to build it.

17. Peugeot Moovie

20 Concept Cars That Could Change How We Drive In The Future

Back in 2005, the French car manufacturer Peugeot held their third design competition, in which people from all over the world could submit a design for a Peugeot car that they would like to drive. A Portuguese college student by the name of Andre Costa (he is now a world-famous designer) won the competition, thanks to his innovative creation – the Peugeot Moovie.

Envisioned to be a city car that’s also environmentally friendly, the vehicle became such a big hit that a model of it was even included in the 2005 Frankfurt Auto Show. Perfect for big cities, the car looks incredibly small, but is still spacious on the inside. The huge doors offer an easy and elegant way to get in and out of the vehicle, while also providing you with a clear overview of the vehicles next to you.