Conditioners are able to cure split ends.


People believe that by using some very expensive conditioner, their split ends will magically be cured. However, this is not the case. The only way to get rid of split ends is by cutting them off.

Men think of sex every few seconds.


If all men did was think about sex 24/7, it would make it difficult to do other tasks, such as eating and sleeping. However, while some men do think of sex more often than not, the same applies to women.

Different parts of the tongue are allocated different tastes.


Remember the sweet, sour, salty and savory areas of the tongue you were taught about as a child? Well, forget about it, because its wrong. Every area of the tongue is able to taste everything, there are no allocated sections of taste buds.

We only ever use 10% of the human brain.


A Psychologist from the 1800s, William James, once said that we only use 10% of the brain at once. Actually, did you know that the inactive neurons are just as important at any given moment as the ones actively being used at a point in time, and the 10% comes from varying areas at different times? No? Well, guess what, you do now!

Sugar makes kids go hyperactive.


There have been 12 double-blind tests done that prove there is no connection between childrens hyperactivity and sugar. However, it has been seen that, when told about their children ingesting sugary drinks, parents will say how they are acting hyper.

Warts can be caught from toads and other animals.


This common myth is again false. Human warts are caused by a virus that ONLY affects humans. Toad warts and human warts are not the same thing!

Sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes.


No, you will not need glasses if you sit too close to the TV. To be honest, if you were sitting that close in the first place, its most likely because your eyesight was bad to begin with…So, you had to sit closer to see better.

White teeth means healthy teeth.


Did you know that white teeth are pretty much the equivalent of fake breasts? Also, when your scrubbing your teeth with your extra strength toothbrush, youre actually brushing away vital layers!

Tongue rolling is genetic.


Studies have discovered that tongue rolling has nothing to do with genetics at all, so scrap what your teacher told you! In fact, it is learned. Basically, kids mess around in 6their spare time and sometimes figure out how to tongue roll. Congratulations to them!

Hair and fingernails keep growing for some time after death.


Is this one really a myth? Once you are dead, everything ceases to function!

Flat Foot is a defect and can cause injuries.


back in 1989, there was a study done testing whether or not flat feet are more prone to injuries and, lo and behold, they weren’t. In fact, people with arched feet, in the study, were more prone to these accidents!

Sex before exercise lowers your performance.


On a study done on 11 men, back in 1995, it was shown that whether the men had had sex or not, there was no change in their athletic performance.

Antibiotics cure colds.


The common cold is an ever-changing virus, meaning that once your body becomes immune, a different kind comes along and attacks you again.

Gingers are going extinct.


While you may not see one everyday, they are not going extinct. For all of them to go extinct, they will either have had to die out or fail to reproduce.

Eating then swimming straight away causes cramps.


If you get muscle cramps when you swim, its because of your body, not because you just ate. Eating then swimming does not increase your chances of getting muscle cramps.

Blood in your veins is blue.


There is no time that human blood is ever blue. Our veins appear blue, but the blood is always red due to hemoglobin.