Stop and think about the NFL for a second. Every Sunday, millions of men gather around their television to watch other grown men in tight, form-fitting lycra pants wrestle one another, fighting for a piece of pigskin… Doesnt sound so exciting when you put it that way, does it? Well, some enterprising entrepreneurs have figured out a way to make the sport of football much better, and its called the Lingerie Football League. Here, you can watch women in lingerie wrestle with one another, fighting for a piece of pigskin. Sounds much better doesnt it?

Lets take a look at some of the sexiest competitors:

1. Christine Moore

In the sport of lingerie football, Christine is a dual threat. Thats because she plays both tight end and linebacker for the Seattle Mist. If you catch her in a game and like what you see, then perhaps you ought to research her a bit further. When shes not on the gridiron, she works as a personal trainer. Perhaps its time that you started taking your health seriously? Maybe Christine is the trainer you need to help you accomplish your fitness goals?