Stop and think about the NFL for a second. Every Sunday, millions of men gather around their television to watch other grown men in tight, form-fitting lycra pants wrestle one another, fighting for a piece of pigskin… Doesnt sound so exciting when you put it that way, does it? Well, some enterprising entrepreneurs have figured out a way to make the sport of football much better, and its called the Lingerie Football League. Here, you can watch women in lingerie wrestle with one another, fighting for a piece of pigskin. Sounds much better doesnt it?

Lets take a look at some of the sexiest competitors:

1. Christine Moore

In the sport of lingerie football, Christine is a dual threat. Thats because she plays both tight end and linebacker for the Seattle Mist. If you catch her in a game and like what you see, then perhaps you ought to research her a bit further. When shes not on the gridiron, she works as a personal trainer. Perhaps its time that you started taking your health seriously? Maybe Christine is the trainer you need to help you accomplish your fitness goals?

2. Cassie Anderson

Cornerbacks have been all over the news in professional football lately, mostly because Darrel Revis decided to resign with the Jets, spurning the New England Patriots, with whom hed recently won a Super Bowl. Fans in New England havent been too happy about that, but weve got a possible solution for them. What if the Patriots signed Cassie here, whos currently playing cornerback for the Green Bay Chill. That would be a very sexy roster addition, indeed.

3. Jacqueline Smyth

Playing for the Omaha Heart, Jacqueline plays a few different roles on the defense. The Omaha Heart is happy to have her for this, because shes proven time and time again that she has the football skills to pay the football bills. No doubt, the men who have the privilege of seeing her action appreciate her ability to tackle opponents in the open field, wrestling them quite sexily to the ground. Rawr.

4. Lindsay Burnham

Oh, Lindsay. Shes got a smile that could melt the coldest ice block. Dont let that girl next door charm deceive you, though. When shes out on the gridiron, shes a fierce competitor. Like Jacqueline, who you saw previously, Lindsay plays for the Omaha Heart. For them, she primarily plays wide receiver, although shes been known to fill in on the defense, trying to intercept balls as a safety.

5. Nikki Johnson

You might not think that there would be much conflict between the league and the players in the LFL, but Nikki proves that this is not the case. The two have been going at it of late. They ought to settle their differences, though, because Nikki is one of the best players in the sport. She plays for the very aptly named Las Vegas Sin, where she serves as the teams laser-armed quarterback. Hike!

6. Angela Rypien

Sometimes it just runs in the family. Perhaps you remember the NFL quarter back Mark Rypien? Its a memorable last name for sure… At any rate, Angela here is Marks daughter. And, just like dad, she plays the position of quarterback, hurling the pigskin to her lingerie-clad wide receivers downfield. If you want to catch her, youll have to check out a Baltimore Charm game in the near future!

7. Heather Furr

If youve never had the chance to catch an LFL game, youre really missing out. Its not just that the women are playing football while wearing lingerie, its also that theyre quite skilled at the sport. Dont believe us? Go check out a Chicago Bliss game the next time that youre in the Windy City, then. If you go, youll get a chance to check out Heather Furr, who is the teams ace quarterback. Depending on what NFL team you root for, you might wish that it was her under center for your team.

8. Shea Norton

Even if youve not caught a second of an LFL game, you might already be familiar with Shea. Thats because shes appeared in a couple of spreads for everyones favorite PG-13 mens magazine, Maxim. At any rate, if you want to see her up close and in person, youll have to make it to a Seattle Mist game. She plays both tight end and defensive end for the team, and has proven to be skilled at both positions.

9. Natalie Jahnke

Now, heres the thing: You might have already missed your chance to see Natalie in an LFL game. And, get this: She played center for the Los Angeles Temptation. That means that, on every offensive snap, she had that glorious posterior positioned high in the air. Sad you missed that? Well, youll probably still be seeing her around: Shes currently making most of her bread by modeling.

10. Brittany Morgan

Brittany here is one of the freshest faces in the lingerie football league. Currently, she serves as the quarterback for the Atlanta Steam. Now, no one is really sure how long a career can last in the LFL its a new thing after all. Thats why its a good thing that Brittany has ambitions outside of the sport: she wants to be a sports broadcaster. Heres hoping that ESPN decides to ink her to a deal sooner rather than later. Wed love to see more of her.

11. Adrian Purnell

Adrian Purnell is one tough customer. If youre really holding onto the belief that these women dont know how to play football, then you need to see Adrian in action. As a linebacker for the Jacksonville Breeze, shes proven that women can be every bit as skilled at the sport as men. Whats more is that shes quite easy to look at, even when shes got her game face on. Actually, especially when shes got her game face on.

12. Alli Alberts

Youve probably heard of people going into stripping to pay their college bills. Well, Alli Alberts joined up with the Lingerie Football League in order to pay her bills at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Whats she studying there, you might ask? Well, shes currently studying to become a dentist. Wed like to find out where she intends to practice, because wed be scheduling our regular dental checkups there years in advance!

13. Linsey Noble

Under center for the Omaha Heart, we Linsey Noble. If you think that the LFL is like a powder-puff league, then think again. In 2013, a horrific injury suffered during a game almost brought Linseys promising LFL career to an end. Thankfully, she was able to recover, and now shes back where she needs to be: Throwing touchdowns for the Omaha Heart, and right where we can get a good look at her!

14. Holly Oakes

It doesnt matter that they play football in lingerie; they still have to keep their bodies in peak physical condition. This is a rule that Holly takes quite seriously, as shes well known to be something of a gym rat. When shes playing the sport that she loves, shes playing as a tight end and as a defensive linewoman for the Atlanta Steam. In our eyes, shes a real Georgia peach. Wouldnt you agree?

15. Liz Gorman

Liz here is an athlete through and through. Before she took up with the Lingerie Football League, she was a soccer star in college. All of the work that shes done to maintain the condition of her body has paid off, too, as shes had no trouble finding work as a fitness model. If you dont want to go hunting around for her photo shoots and would instead like to see her in person, then make it a point to hit up the next Los Angeles Temptation game nearest you. Shell be out in the middle of the field playing safety.