Surprisingly the Mighty Ducks isn’t just a name of a mediocre teen movie. Really we shouldn’t give teams with an odd name that much guff, since we can all agree that there are too many Tigers, Lions, and Sharks. If you’re coming up with a team name, it needs to be unique if you’re going to have a fan base not consisting of just your player’s families. But there are some teams that have taken that quest for uniqueness too far. Way, way too far. Today we’re going to look at 15 teams with the most ridiculous of names.

1. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

From the movie Pulp Fiction (the movie with the most utterances of the F-word than any other movie), we get the team name Banana Slugs. Vincent wears a shirt proudly proclaiming The UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs during the car cleaning scene.

What’s interesting it’s a real team! Banana Slugs are real too, of course, and might just be the ugliest little slug you ever did see.