It seems that the days of traditional weddings are getting close to being long gone, what with all these stupidly themed weddings that now seem to be all the rage. One such type of wedding that has been doing the rounds in the past few years is that of sports-themed weddings – which is a stupid idea in my opinion. Check out 15 of the worst we have seen on camera.

1. Better Throw a Strike

Ugly Sports Themed Weddings

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I do not understand why people go to great lengths to do something so different when it comes to weddings. What happened to the good old fashioned traditional wedding? I can understand wanting to prove your love for each other a little bit differently but why take it so far? We get it! You guys are cool, in love, and trendy…while we are just normal and boring!

Take these two for example, a baseball themed wedding? What is the point? She is in a nice clean and white wedding dress and is obviously concerned about getting it dirty during this shot. That is why she has one of her bridesmaids holding the tail up as she gets ready to (probably) swing and miss the ball. I guess they wanted a wedding they could talk about in years to come – yet I believe they might be regretting it in years to come instead.