4. Floyd Mayweather

Sports Stars With Low IQs

One thing is for sure, Mayweather knows how to fight. And he does it a lot. Even when he isn’t supposed to. The premier boxer is notorious for his bad temper, and has lost it often, many times with a gun in hand. We think he might have taken one too many punches to the head. Something is clearly off with this multi-millionaire.

There are rumors that his reading skills are a little lacking. But of course, if you have that kind of money, why do you even need to know how to read? You can pay someone to read to you. While boxing may not be our favorite sport, this lack of social decorum, and the intelligence we would expect from even the smallest of children seems to be an industry wide disease. What else do you expect from people who beat each other up for a living?

5. Pete Rose

Sports Stars With Low IQs

Let’s say this. Pete Rose wasn’t the first, nor was he the last player to bet on a sporting event. However, he might be the most famous. The prominent baseball player was banned from the sport of Baseball, and had been fighting the decision ever since. While we get that he wants to be recognized for his achievements, by continually bringing his case back before the public eye, just reminds people that he did something so incredibly stupid just to make a bit of cash.

At the same time the MLB loves that he does this, as it allows them to hold him up as an example of what not to do. I.E. Don’t be dumb and bet on your own sport.

6. Manti Teo

Sports Stars With Low IQs

Notre Dame football is extremely divisive. Either you love it or you hate it. Manti Teo, one of ND’s highest ranked recruits and players in years, makes this list for something so…so incredibly stupid he might just make Carl Everett feel good about himself.

Teo famously was in love with a girlfriend that didn’t really exist, but was instead a man. Add on top of that, for a while he had the sympathy of the nation because said fake girlfriend died of cancer, and you have a recipe for scandal. Teogate, as we lovingly call it, was a sports reporter’s meal ticket for months on end. Moral of the story? If you have a girlfriend, meet in person before you get attached.