Walking through any supermarket checkout lane will allow you to find dozens of different magazines dedicated towards the everyday shenanigans of Hollywood celebrities. If you’re an avid reader of online sites, you’ll find even more interesting and often times hilarious examples of celebrities making fools of themselves.

Athletes are yet another source of fond entertainment. While there are no doubt many professional athletes out there that are highly intelligent, there are many who are just a few cards short of a full deck. Like all things there are degrees of stupid, so today we’re going to single out the 15 athletes who might just fail an IQ test.

1. Lance Armstrong

Sports Stars With Low IQs

While highly athletic, it doesn’t take much brain power to ride a bike. Lance Armstrong at one time was highly sought after for endorsements, and was a respected philanthropist. Nowadays? Not so much. After being caught lying about using performance enhancing drugs, Armstrong lost everything. One might suspect that had he been more…honest (read smarter), he might have avoided such a fate by either not doing drugs in the first place, or not lying about it for so long.

Armstrong was once at the pinnacle of sports. He was highly respected for the hurdles he had overcome, the number of Cycling titles he had won, and the amount of money he poured into cancer research. By lying about cheating, and cheating in the first place, that respect has crashed back to Earth, and he has no one to blame but himself.