The Secret Service might be making some runs to McDonald’s.

Ronald Reagan liked jelly beans so much that Jelly Belly created a blueberry flavor to honor him during the 1981 presidential inauguration. And Lyndon B. Johnson had such an affinity for Fresca soda that he had a dispenser installed in the Oval Office. As for the newest President’s food vice? It turns out, Donald Trump a yoooge fan of fast food!

While on the campaign trail, Trump wasn’t seen eating out all too often.

The reason?

As a guest on the late-night circuit, Trump told Jimmy Fallon he had a grueling schedule and he could get a quick meal from Wendy’s or McDonald’s to eat on his jet, which we suppose gives double meaning to the idea of eating “on the fly.”

As Trump takes office, we’re taking a look back at some of his eating habits that were revealed as he made stops at diners and tweeted photos of himself smiling alongside his orders. (Prediction: He probably won’t be the voice of healthy-eating initiatives because he unabashedly admits his love for junk food.)

1. He orders his steak super well-done

Foodies might be offended by this one, but Trump likes his steak well-done—and then cooked some more. In fact, his longtime butler Anthony Senecal dished to The New York Times that Trump would order his steak so well done that “it would rock on the plate.”

2. He’s a huge McDonald’s fan

Celebrities…they’re just like us, going through the drive-thru and perusing the dollar menu. Trump, a billionaire, ordered from the golden arches fairly often while on the campaign trail. Specifically, he’s a fan of the Filet-o-Fish, Big Mac, and Quarter Pounder.

During a CNN town hall, he told Anderson Cooper, “The Quarter Pounder. It’s great stuff.” Don’t miss our exclusive report on explained to the Daily Mail it’s a comfortable method because he likes “not to eat the crust.”

The fork, he said, allows him to scrape off the top of his pizza. Trump also said that by not eating the crust, it helps him keep his weight down. We know plenty of people who still use their hands to eat pizza and not eat the crust, but hey, to each their own.