90’s kids will surely remember the stars of Nickelodeon shows like All That, Clarissa Explains It All, and The Secret Life of Alex Mack. These shows were all the rage at that time, while most of the lead characters graced several covers and pages of teen magazines. Oh how nostalgic to remember our television sets blaring each week with popular Nickelodeon shows. We loved those shows too much but have you ever wondered about your favorite Nick stars? Where are they now or what are they up to now?

Amanda Bynes

12 nickelodeon celebrities - where are they now

Oh dear Amanda we missed seeing you on tv! Ms. Bynes rose to prominence on The Amanda Show and All That. She was well on her way to fame especially when she appeared in several Hollywood films such as What I Like About You, She’s The Man and Hairspray to name a few. However, it looks like Amanda has lost it. Fame must have gotten the best of her and she’s now touted as crazy Amanda. News of her insane tweets, wigs, arrests and lighting a driveway on fire are what we’ve recently heard from this troubled actress.