Whether you prefer tea, beer, fruit juices, or coffee, drinking some of these beverages is probably a part of your daily routine. We all know that beer goes well with watching a football game, while coffee or tea is a great beverage to drink in the morning, but do you know when the appropriate time to drink Peruvian frog juice or cow water would be? Did you even know that drinks like this exist? Here are 10 of the world’s most bizarre beverages.

10. Deer Penis Wine


Popular in China, deer penis wine is said to have healing powers and is commonly used by athletes to enhance their performance. So much so that the beverage was actually banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, because it contains herbal ephedrine, a powerful performance-enhancing substance that would give the athletes using it an unfair advantage.

However, athletes aren’t the only ones who drink deer penis wine, as a lot of Chinese men are generally familiar with it. This is because it is known to also enhance male sexual power by increasing your blood flow, as well as the flow of qi, which the Chinese consider to be the fundamental life force. There is also a variation of this drink that is known as the three penis wine, which contains not only sex organs of deer, but of seals and dogs as well. This beverage is believed to be able to cure a whole bunch of diseases, including asthma and liver disease.

9. Rainbow Beer


Abashiri Brewery is located in Japan and is best known for creating specific brightly colored beers, including pink/purple Jyaga Draft, blue Ryuhyo Draft, green Shiretoko Draft, and red Hamanasu Draft. These colors were not chosen by accidents, as they’re supposed to represent the four seasons on the island of Hokkaido, which is the northernmost island in Japan. This is also the place where the headquarters of the Abashiri Brewery are located.

The beer you can see in the photo above, Ryuhyo Draft, is brewed using melted icebergs that can be found near the northern beaches of Hokkaido. The beer gets its blue color from seaweed extract, which is also the basis for the green Shiretoko Draft (the only difference is that in this beer, fermented seaweed is used). The pink/purple Jyaga Draft is made using purple potatoes, while the red Hamanasu beer gets its color from hamanasu fruit.

8. Kimchi Soda


First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with kimchi, it’s a Korean side dish that consists of a mixture of vegetables and various seasonings. Now that you know what kimchi is, you probably understand why soda with the taste of the side dish is on this list. The beverage is part of the Ramune Soda line, which is quite popular in Japan. They’re notable for producing sodas that come in a variety of bizarre flavors, including curry, wasabi, bubble gum, teriyaki, white champagne, blueberry, and more.

Ramune is actually the Japanese adaptation of lemonade. What makes these sodas even more interesting is the bottle they come in. Namely, it uses a plastic ring and a glass marble instead of a cap, meaning that you have to punch out the center of this plastic ring and force the marble into the bottle in order to open it.

7. Peruvian Frog Juice


Known as Peruvian Viagra, this drink is made using Telmatobius coleus, which is a special type of frog that is only present in Lake Titicaca, Peru. This frog is also known as the Titicaca water frog and usually weighs about 2.2 pounds, making it one of the world’s biggest aquatic frogs. Unfortunately, the species is critically endangered today. Nevertheless, you can still find Peruvian frog juice in this country.

In order to make the beverage, people take a live frog from an aquarium and bang it against a counter, eventually killing it or making it unconscious. Afterwards, they make two incisions in the belly, which is then skinned. The frog eventually becomes liquefied using a blender, and then gets mixed with aloe vera, honey, maca, and hot bean broth. In the end, you get a beverage that resembles a milkshake and really stings your throat when you drink it.

6. Liquid Smoking


First created after some nations decided to put a ban on smoking in public, this drink was intended to help people who have the need to smoke cigarettes often. It was first made for available in the United Kingdom, back in 2008. Liquid Smoking was manufactured by the United Drinks and Beauty Corporation, who claimed that the beverage was able to take the edge off of your nicotine cravings for a few hours.

However, the drink itself didn’t contain any nicotine, but was rather made using a mixture of plant roots from South Africa. This mixture provides you with an energizing effect, which is then followed by a feeling of deep relaxation. After it was first made for sale, the can immediately got harsh criticism because it resembled a pack of Marlboro’s. Even though it managed to achieve some success in the Netherlands, the beverage is not available for purchase anymore.

5. BustUp Drink

Kino Bust Up2

Next up on the list is the Kinohimitsu J’pan BustUp Drink, a beverage that claims to enlarge women’s breasts without them having to take any medication or go through plastic surgery. The advertisements for this drink say that it can help women that have dull, shrunken, small, or sagging breasts that were caused by breast-feeding, aging, childbirth, menopause, and deficient growth.

The key ingredient for this beverage is the root of a plant known as Kwao Kru Kao, which contains phytoestrogens and is sometimes used in Thailand in order to treat menopause. This plant is often regarded as a miracle cure for a whole bunch of diseases, including breast cancer. The other ingredients that are present in the BustUp Drink are royal jelly honey, concentrated fruit juice, collagen from fish, vitamin C, and more.

4. Panda Dung Tea


Yes, you’ve read that right! An Yanshi, a Chinese entrepreneur not only sells panda dung tea, but he even has the process of making it patented. Yanshi is a calligraphy professor working at the University of Sichuan. Since the Chinese province of Sichuan has a big panda base known as Yaan Bifengxia, it probably wasn’t too hard for him to come up with the idea of growing green tea in panda dung.

The official name of this beverage is Panda Ecological Tea and is separated into three different grades. Since there aren’t big quantities of this product, the highest grade of the tea is sold at $72,000 per kilogram. Yanshi claims that his beverage is both delicious and nutritious because around 70 percent of the nutrients that are found in the food pandas eat (i.e. bamboo) is passed out in the feces of the animals.

3. Cow Water


Back in 2009, a Hindu cultural group in India came up with cow water (otherwise known as gau jal), a beverage envisioned to be a healthy alternative to soft drinks. Since the cow is one of the five holy animals in Indian culture, it’s only right that they made gau jal using cow urine. Ayurveda traditional medicine (alternative medicine that has historical roots in India) says that cows should be worshipped not only for their healthy dairy products, but also for their feces and urine, as they are believed to be able to cure anything, from cancer to diabetes.

If you ever get the opportunity to try the drink, but are unsure whether it will taste really bad, you should know that the Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh claims that the beverage does not taste nor smell like urine. Apart from India, this drink can also be found in certain shops in Italy, where it is sold under the name acqua di vacca.

2. Birds Nest Drink


Unlike other birds who simply build a nest from twigs, some species of swiftlets make theirs from solidified saliva. These nests are considered a delicacy in certain parts of Asia, and are usually used to make soup. It is popular because it is regarded as an aphrodisiac and provides you with a variety of health benefits. However, people who enjoy eating this soup now have a beverage that they can drink on the go.

The drink is said to enhance your immune system, provide you with softer skin, strengthen your liver, and more. Despite sounding pretty disgusting, the drink is actually supposed to have a floral, sugary flavor. However, the beverage is still lumpy and gelatinous, as it contains small pieces of bird’s nests. Due to the fact that the cliffs where these swiftlets live are constantly eroding, the price of this drink is constantly rising.

1. Placenta 10000 And Placenta-Pro


This drink is made for women who are concerned with aging. The placenta is an organ that helps in connecting a fetus to the uterine wall in order to supply nutrients and oxygen to the baby. However, since it is only a temporary organ, the placenta gets removed after birth. Even though it’s not scientifically proven, many experts claim that eating it after giving birth helps new mothers by increasing breast milk production, while also making them look much younger.

Nevertheless, thanks to beverages known as Placenta 10,000 and Placenta-Pro, you too can look younger without going through the trouble of giving birth dozens of times. The difference between the two drinks is that Placenta 10,000 is made using the placental extract of pigs, while the Placenta-Pro’s main ingredient is the placental extract of horses. In case you are wondering what these beverages taste like, they’re said to be peach-flavored.