Whether you prefer tea, beer, fruit juices, or coffee, drinking some of these beverages is probably a part of your daily routine. We all know that beer goes well with watching a football game, while coffee or tea is a great beverage to drink in the morning, but do you know when the appropriate time to drink Peruvian frog juice or cow water would be? Did you even know that drinks like this exist? Here are 10 of the world’s most bizarre beverages.

10. Deer Penis Wine


Popular in China, deer penis wine is said to have healing powers and is commonly used by athletes to enhance their performance. So much so that the beverage was actually banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, because it contains herbal ephedrine, a powerful performance-enhancing substance that would give the athletes using it an unfair advantage.

However, athletes aren’t the only ones who drink deer penis wine, as a lot of Chinese men are generally familiar with it. This is because it is known to also enhance male sexual power by increasing your blood flow, as well as the flow of qi, which the Chinese consider to be the fundamental life force. There is also a variation of this drink that is known as the three penis wine, which contains not only sex organs of deer, but of seals and dogs as well. This beverage is believed to be able to cure a whole bunch of diseases, including asthma and liver disease.